The Best Champagne Brands in the World

The options are endless when you’re looking for the best bottle of Champagne.

You’ll find plenty of top-shelf options, one more expensive than the next. But you won’t find a guide to really help you break down and understand which brand of Champagne you never knew you wanted.

This is that guide.

Champagne Might not be your first choice for an on-the-rocks sipper.

But on this list, you’ll find absolutely divine flavors and you will learn to enjoy Champagne-like you never have before.

And of course, if you prefer a nice cocktail instead, our recommendations will work brilliantly with all your favorite mixes.

Below, you’ll find our list for the top brands in the world and a buyer’s guide to Champagne as well as answers to how it’s made and what types are there.

Finally, we’ll round off this article with tips on how to drink and really enjoy Champagne as well as the key tasting notes and vocabulary you’ll need to become a true aficionado.

The 30 Best Champagne Brands you can buy

Before introducing the best 30 champagne brands you can buy, here are our top 5 brands you can consider based on their specialty:

RankBrandBest for:
1Dom PerignonBest Overall
2BollingerBest High-End Option
3TaittingerBest Value
4PommeryBest for Brand Prestige
5Nicolas FeuillatteMost Easy To Drink

Now finally, here are the 30 brands of champagne you can try:

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is one of the vintage champagne brands that was first introduced in 1921 and was later sold in the year 1936. The brand was named after a Benedictine monk.

Don was a cellar master as well and crafted quite a few techniques to produce wine. After several developments, the final style was created in 1921, and released in 1936. However, by 1971, the first few vintage bottles of Dom Pérignon Rosé were also celebrated at the residence of Shah Of Iran. later, one of the bottles was sold at an auction for €24,758 in the year 2008.

The brand itself is a vintage champagne-producing company that has produced at least 43 vintages. They released their vintage bottles between the years of 1969 to 2010, all giving off classic antique vibes.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot is a French champagne brand that was founded in the year 1772, almost 249 years ago. The brand was established by Philippe Clicquot, and today Veuve Clicquot is one of the largest champagne-producing houses in the world. However, it was all thanks to Madame Clicquot who created the first-ever vintage champagne back in 1810 and by 1818, she ended up creating her first blended rosé champagne.

However, in 1986, Veuve Clicquot was bought by Louis Vuitton, which is also the part of LVMH group. Even so, the brand is pretty expensive, it is worth it after all. Veuve Clicquot looks prestigious and tastes more like the sweet notes of ripe fruits, honey, grape and apple; still prestigious.

Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer is one of the few family-owned, independent champagne producing brands from France that was first introduced in the year 1776. The brand was and is still run by wine specialists who have created a masterpiece that is sold to more than 100 countries in current days. In fact, almost 3.5 million bottles of this brand are sold every year.

From the start, till the end, the production of Louis Roederer champagne takes place in the Louis Roederer House. The grapes come from the vineyard that grows on a land of 590 acres farmed by the family.

However, Louis Roederer is a bottle of sparkling, traditional style champagne that is available in different varieties including Louis Roederer Carte blanche, Louis Roederer Brut Premier, etc.


Cristal is a champagne brand that was specialized by none other than Louis Roederer, and in fact, is still manufactured under Louis. The brand was created in the year 1876 for Alexander II, Tsar of Russia.

The name of this champagne brand derived from the term ‘crystal’ because the series was specially commissioned.  Clear glass champagne bottles were made, thus, Cristal. However, later in the years, the brand was discovered was hip-hop artists like R.Kelly, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, etc. Interestingly, Tupac Shakur, known to be one of the most inspirational music artists, crafted a cocktail that was a perfect blend of Cristal and Alizé Gold Passion. This infamous cocktail was named ‘Thug Passion.’ Cristal has the perfectly balanced taste you will not find in every champagne bottle.


Champagne Krug is a famous champagne house that Joseph Krug established in the year 1843. The Krug Grande Cuvée, a non-vintage rose, is the signature product of the brand. The taste of Krug is toasty, a little bit of pastry-like, with some almond notes.

The champagne is aged for six years at least and comes in other varieties, including Krug Grande Cuvée, Krug Rosé, Krug Collection 1989, Krug Clos du Mesnil 2000, and Krug Clos du Mesnil 2003, and Krug Vintage 2000, Krug Vintage 2003, and Krug Vintage 2004, etc.

Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon, or just Moët is a French Winery that was founded over 278 years ago by Claude Moët. however, in current times, LVMH is also the co-owner of the world’s largest champagne-producing Champagne house.

The brand owns 2,900 acres of vineyards that help Moët & Chandon produce at least 28,000,000 bottles every year. The vintage bottles of Moët contain 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot noir, along with a 6 g/l dosage.

There are over 74 vintage bottles of Moët Champagne, and not just so, the brand owns one of the most prestigious collections of vintage champagnes in the world. Apart from that, the brand has however grown immensely over the years and has been mentioned in songs written by Freddy Mercury, Prince, Rakim, etc.


Taittinger is a French wine family who is renowned makers of Champagne. The business was established in the year 1734 and created various assortments of champagnes, including Comtes de Champagne (made out of 100% Chardonnay) and Comtes de Champagne Rosé (70% Pinot noir and 30% Chardonnay). The company was originally run by wine merchants. However, it was later sold to a private firm called Starwood Capital Group.

Amongst all bottles, Taittinger Collection, Brut Réserve, Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Comtes de Champagne Rosé, Prestige Rosé has gained quite an excellent remark from the experts.

Armand De Brignac

Armand De Brignac, aka Ace of Spades is a popular French champagne brand. The Cattier family officially introduced the brand in 2006 when the initial Armand De Brignac Brut Gold bottles left France. Even though the company was registered under the Cattier family, Jay-Z bought the company in November 2014.

The brand has five cuvées named Armand de Brignac Blanc de Noirs, Armand de Brignac Demi Sec, Armand de Brignac Rosé, and Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blancs. And, not to mention, the taste of this champagne is what makes it worth the price. A rich cherry flavour with lemon, honey, and lemon tones, with more flavours of the exotic fruits is what defines this brand.

G.H. Mumm

G.H. Mumm is one of the largest champagne-producing brands that has also ranked #4 worldwide for selling the maximum number of G.H. Mumm bottles.

The company was established by three German brothers and winemakers named Jacob, Phillip, and Gottlieb Mumm in 1827. Famous for the red ribbon patterned around a classic G.H. Mumm defines the brand. With its buttery, vanilla, and brioche notes, you can truly experience a rich, sophisticated champagne bottle like G.H. Mumm’s.


Laurent-Perrier is a french winery house, established 209 years ago, in 1812 by Alphonse Pierlot. In fact, Laurent-Perrier is also the main company of Laurent-Perrier Group. The company currently supplies to over 120 countries and proudly owns the tag of the 3rd Best Champagne in the World.

Laurent-Perrier produces the finest vintage champagnes and has introduced over 51 general vintage collections. Out of which, Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Champagne, Laurent Perrier Demi Sec Harmony Champagne, Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne, Laurent Perrier Brut Millesime Vintage, and Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne Cuvee Brut are some of the popular bottles.


Perrier-Jouet is an Épernay-based champagne manufacturing house that was established in 1811 by Rose Adélaide Jouët and Pierre-Nicolas Perrier. The company produces both non-vintage and vintage Cuvee and has sold over 3,000,000 bottles every year.

In current days, the brand is owned by Pernod Richard. Even so, the texture, taste, and process of creating Pierre-Jouet champagne are still the same. Interestingly, the company has also introduced the world’s oldest champagne that was produced in 1811. Apart from that, some other best deals from this prestigious brand are Perrier Jouet Champagne Belle Epoque, Perrier Jouet Champagne Brut Belle Epoque, Perrier-Jouet Champagne Grand Brut, and Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Champagne.

Mod Selection

Mod Selection is a champagne brand founded by an alcohol entrepreneur named Brent Hocking. Even though it is a private firm, it does not stop the brand from showcasing a luxurious bottle of champagne.

Mod Selection is produced in Vallée de la Marne region, France. Vallée is a champagne producing house from 1890’s, and in current days, you can find Mod Sélection Réserve Vintage 2008, Mod Sélection Rosé Vintage 2008, Mod Sélection Réserve, Mod Sélection Rosé, Mod Sélection Blanc De Blancs, and Mod Sélection Blanc De Noirs amon as the best choice for you to celebrate.

Pol Roger

Pol Roger is a champagne producing brand that is as yet possessed and run by the relatives of Pol Roger. However, in recent years, the brand has gotten serious notoriety. Perhaps that is the reason the house yearly creates around 110,000 bottles of Champagne.

The brand has introduced hree non-vintage cuvées;  The Brut Vintage, Brut Réserve and Rich (sweet), the Pure Brut (no additional sugar), , Blanc de blancs, three other vintage wines, and Rosé Vintage.

The brand was founded by Winston Churchhill and offered champagne that was fresh and rich in flavor, and to date, the legacy goes on. However, amongst his collections, the best is Pol Roger Brut Rose 1966,  Pol Roger Extra Dry 1985, Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill Brut 1975, and Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill Brut 1985.


Ruinart is of the oldest champagne house in the world that began its business in 1729. The champagne house was founded by Nicolas Ruinart and is owned by LVMH currently.

The champagne is known as one of the best-tasting champagnes, thanks to the baked apple, bread aromas, and lemon, croissant flavors. It is, indeed, one of the delicious champagnes to try. You can check out  Dom Ruinart Blanc De Blancs 2007, Dom Ruinart Blanc De Blancs 2006, Ruinart Blanc De Blancs, and Ruinart Rosé. 


Bollinger is a french champagne manufacturing house, founded in 1829, that produces several other labels under the brand name. Some of them include Grande Année and Vieilles Vignes Françaises.

The brand began rapidly selling its product in the year 2012 and has sold some of the best vintage collections of all time. Some popular products of Bollinger are 1952 Bollinger ‘Renaudin Bollinger’ Extra Quality Very Dry, 1998 Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut ‘Spectre’ James Bond 007 Edition, 1998 Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut. and 2004 Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Francaises Blanc de Noirs. The brand is a class of its own and offers a sip worth the price.

Le Chemin Du Roi

Le Chemin Du Roi is a champagne brand owned by none other than a popular musician, actor, producer, and entrepreneur 50 Cent. The brand offers a bottle of fresh-looking champagne that is aged for over four years in a bottle after the secondary fermentation process. In fact, hand-harvested grapes are used to produce Le Chemin Du Roi. Plus, hand-selected Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay are used during the production.

Le Chemin Du Roi is indeed a fine bottle of champagne, introduced by a celebrity that has won the hearts of several experts.


Pommery is a champagne producing house that was founded by Narcisse Greno and Alexandre Louis in 1858. However, the company was originally established to trade wool, but later, Alexandre’s widow changed the company to a champagne-producing house. Interestingly, Pommery was the first-ever champagne house that had commercialized Brut Champagne back in 1874.

Currently, this brand is an inspirational champagne company that has some of the best-tasting champagnes in the world. Some of them are Pommery Pop Silver Champagne, Pommery Pink Pop Rose Champagne, Pommery Pop Gold 2008 Vintage Champagne, Pommery Summertime Blanc de Blanc Champagne, etc.


Piper-Heidsieck is a champagne producing house that was founded in the year 1785 by Florens-Louis Heidsieck. However, in 2011, the company was sold to a French luxury brand.

The Piper-Heidsieck champagne is known to be one of the best champagnes back in the day. Interestingly, despite having no such direct authorities, it was said that Marilyn Monroe supported the early times of this brand and had stored a month-full of champagne at her home kitchen.

The brand has introduced several champagne varieties amongst which Cuvée Brut, Cuvée Sublime, Cuvée Rare, and Rosé Sauvage.


Billecart-Salmon is a champagne house founded by Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon in 1818, followed by their wedding. Even so, Billecart-Salmon is one of the few family businesses that are still managed and owned by the founding family.

Billecart-Salmon was ranked 7th under the tag of the Most admired champagne brand of 2021. Some of the popular champagne collections from this band are Champagne Blanc De Blancs Grand Cru, Champagne Demi-sec, N°1 Meunier Extra Brut, Champagne Brut Sous Bois, and Champagne Vintage.

Thanks to its great history, winery dedication, and amazing products, the experts are head over heels for the Billecart-Salmon champagne house.


Champagne Lanson is a champagne producing company that was founded in 1760 by François Delamotte. The brand was also supplied to the royal courts of Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Spain. However, to date, it is the only champagne supplier that supplies to the British Royal Family as well.

Some of the popular bottles from this brand are Lanson Black Label Champagne Brut, Lanson Rose Label Champagne Half Bottle Brut, Lanson Ivory Label Demi-Sec Champagne, etc. Lanson is the perfect choice for people who are looking for champagne that leaves a great aftertaste in their mouths. It has the flavors of lemon and citric acids.

Paul Louis Martin

Paul Louis Martin is a champagne house founded by Louis Martin in the year 1864 in Bouzy. In fact, the grapes come from the Bouzy village that has a wonderful vineyard producing the best grapes. It is safe to say that Paul Louis Martin uses grapes that come from a land of chalky soil and perfect weather.

Some popular champagnes from this champagne house are P. Louis Martin Cuvée Vincent Millésime, P. Louis Martin Bouzy Brut Blanc De Noirs, P. Louis Martin Bouzy Brut Grand Cru, etc.

The brand offers a traditional style of champagne that is quite popular amongst the experts.


Gosset is the oldest wine house in the Champagne wine region. It was founded in the year 1584 by Pierre Gosset. In fact, to date, the Gosset family has the ownership upon this company and not only sell champagne but harvest vineyards too.

Amongt all, bottles like Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Gosset Extra Brut Magnum NV Champagne, Gosset Extra Brut NV Champagne, and Gosset CELEBRIS Extra Brut 2007 Champagne have gained quite a popularity in the market.


Victoire was an establishment created by two brothers Christophe Rapeneau and Jean-François Rapeneau in 1989. The grapes for the champagne come from the family estate of Rapeneau Family.

The brand offers six exclusive champagnes names Champagne Victoire Brut Prestige, Champagne Victoire Brut Blanc de Blancs, Champagne Victoire Brut Millesime 2006, Champagne Victoire Brut Blanc de Noirs, Champagne Victoire Brut Premier Cru, and Champagne Victoire Brut Rosé.

Charles Heidsieck

Charles Heidsieck is one of the smallest champagne houses best known for producing non-vintage as well as vintage cuvée. This champagne house was established in 1851 by Charles Heidsieck. However, in 2011, this house became a part of the EPI group.

Even so, the company has offered seven outstanding champagnes to the world. The bottles are named as Blanc des Millénaires 1995 (Prestige Cuvée), 2005 Vintage Brut, Brut Réserve, Rosé Réserve, 2006 Vintage Rosé, 2008 Vintage Brut, and 2012 Vintage Brut. In fact, Charles Heidsieck is known to be the most awarded champagne bottle all around the world.

Joseph Perrier

Joseph Perrier is a family-owned champagne business that was established in 1825. In fact, the present CEO of the company belongs from the 5th generation of this family, in this business.

Joseph Perrier is a royal brand that looks royals, tastes royal, and pleases the royal. The Cuvée Royale was served to King Edwards VIII and Queen Victoria. You can check out the seven champagnes named Cuvée Royale Blanc de Blancs, Cuvée Joséphine, Blanc De Noirs, Premier Cru Brut Nature, Cuvée Royale Brut Rosé, Cuvée Royale Brut Vintage, and Cuvée Royale Brut.

Paul Bara

Paul Bara is a 7th generation family-owned business that was also an original member of Club Trésors de Champagne. Thus company is a vine grower as well as a champagne producer in Bouzy. The company was established in the year 1860. To produce the champagne, Paul Bara champagne house uses hand-harvested and hand-picked grapes.

The first sell of Paul Bara occured in the 1950s, however to date, there are other varieties like Special Club Rose, Comtesse Marie de France, Brut Reserve, Extra Brut, Grande Rose, and Grand Millesime.


Larmandier-Bernier is a vineyard grower and champagne producing company established in 1971 by Philippe Larmandier and Elisabeth Bernier. The families from both sides were actively invested in champagne production.   The company has also been rated the Top 5 Champagne Producers in the world.

The popualr champagnes from this company are Rosé de Saignée, Terre de Vertus, Vieille Vigne du Levan, Latitude, Longitude, Les Chemins d’Avize, Cramant Nature, and Vertus Rouge. The company offers the best fruity champagnes you will definitely love to try.

Chateau De Bligny

Chateau De Bligny was founded by Baron de Cachard in 1773. The company is one of the joint-headquarters of other champagne houses, including de Cazanove and G.H. Martel.

The distiller became a champagne house because of the vines growing around the hillsides. Chateau De Bligny became a popular choice in the market, thanks to its unconditionally crisp and refreshing taste. Some of the popular bottles by this brand are Champagne Château de Bligny Brut Grande Réserve, Champagne Château de Bligny Brut Blanc de Blancs, Champagne Château de Bligny Demi-Sec Grande Réserve, Champagne Château de Bligny Brut Rosé, etc.

Henri Giraud

Henri Giraud champagne is one of the oldest champagne-producing houses that is owned by its original owners to date. In recent years, 250,000 bottles are sourced and sold, and sold from the 25 acres of vineyards.

But do you know what makes this brand different from others? The oak company Henri Giraud used to age its champagne. The Pinot Noir is aged in Argonne Oak to produce a top-ranged bottle of champagne. Some famous in recent years champagne of this company are Champagne Henri Giraud Esprit Nature Magnum, Champagne Henri Giraud Hommage Magnum, Champagne Henri Giraud Blanc de Craie, and Champagne Henri Giraud Esprit Nature.

Nicolas Feuillatte

Nicolas Feuillatte is the oldest union of champagne producers. It is a brand made up of 82 wine-making companies. The company was founded by Henri Macquart in 1972. The company relies on the 5,340 acres of grapevines with 4,500 winegrowers from the 82 wine-making companies.

Some of the famous Nicolas Feuillatte champagnes are Nicolas Feuillatte – Brut Réserve, Nicolas Feuillatte – Demi-Sec, Nicolas Feuillatte – Brut Rosé, and Nicolas Feuillatte – Réserve Exclusive Brut. as of the tasting notes of Nicolas Feuillatte, you can enjoy a fresh green apple, with a tint of citrus and pineapple, and a lot of bubbles. It has a refreshing fruity aroma and flavors you cannot resist.

The Beginners Buyers Guide to Champagne

Now that we have introduced you to the best Champagne brands around the world, here is a quick and short mini-guide that will help you to understand more about champagne as alcohol and everything you must know about it before trying or purchasing it from the market. Read the following points mentioned below for a better idea:

  • Avoid storing any bottle of champagne in your refrigerator. You can refrigerate your champagne if you plan to open the bottle within 2 to 4 days right after buying it, but if your goal is to store the champagne a dry and dark place is all you need. No humidity in the refrigerator changes the original aroma of your champagne and oxidizes it faster than usual. 
  • Opening a bottle of champagne is probably the toughest thing to do, however, it is not that tough if you follow the instructions right and simply go for it. When you are ready to open the bottle of champagne, make sure that the cage is in its right place. It will help you to control the cork when it pops out of the bottle. When you’re ready to remove the cork, hold the cage and twist it six times. Hold the cork and the cage while twisting the cork in, slowing in a circular motion and pulling the cork out.
  • Only fill one-third of your glass when you are pouring champagne.
  • One of the easiest ways to chill a bottle of champagne is to fill a bucket with ice and one-third water and store the bottle in it. However, make sure the temperature does not extend 50° F. Also, this technique will keep your bottle cool for 15-20 minutes only.
  • The best way to enjoy a glass of champagne is to have it with your dinner. In fact, champagne really does pair with cuisines of all types. May that be a seafood platter or grilled meat, you’ll always find a glass of champagne complimenting your meal.
  • Perhaps the only and the best way to enjoy a glass of champagne is in a white crystal glass. A glass like that lets you experience the bubbles and the defined color of your champagne.

How is it made

Have you ever wondered how exactly a bottle of champagne is produced? Let us explore it together:

  1. Selection of Cuvée

The process of producing champagne begins with the selection of Cuvée. Cuvée is the wine base, made from Pinot noir, or Chardonnay. For Blanc de Noirs, black grapes, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier are the only grapes required. For Rosé Wines or Pink Champagnes, the clear grape juice, and for Blanc de Blancs, Chardonnay grapes are used.

2. Assemblage

Assemblage is a French blending art that creates a white wine base into base wine to prepare champagne.

3. The second fermentation, aka Tirage

Once the blending process is completed, yeast nutrients, yeast, sugar are added, and concoction is added to the thick glass bottles and sealed.  This concoction is required in order to ferment and produce alcohol slowly.

4. Aging

Once the fermentation begins, the yeast cells start dying. It takes a few more months after that to complete the fermentation process. Then the champagne is left to age in the cool cellars for a few years.

5. Riddling

Once the aging period is over, the technique of riddling is used to remove the dead yeast cells from the champagne.

6. Disgorging

When the bottles are left upside-down, the frozen neck could again result in the formation of dead yeast cells. The process of disgorging clears the champagne, making it look clear.

7. Adding dosage

In this process, an extra mixture of wine, sugar, and brandy is added to adjust the sweetness.

8. Corking

The final step is to wire down the cork with high internal pressure.

The Most Expensive bottle of Champagne in the world

2013 Taste of Diamonds is the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world. It is worth $2.07 million. 2013 Taste of Diamonds, also known as Gout de Diamants, has a diamond shapes label which is crafted with white gold and Swarovski crystal. The 2013 Taste of Diamonds is surely the World’s Most Expensive Bubbly. The masterpiece is created by a popular luxury designer Alexander Amosu.

Sounds expensive!

Glossary of terms. What you need to know for Champagne

Just like every other alcohol, champagne has its own terminologies that define the alcohol as well as the drinker. The following are some of the essential terms you must know when you begin to drink champagne.

  • Brut: It is the most well-known style of champagne, that contains 0 to 12 grams for each liter of measurement. However, wine between the range of 0-6 g./L can also be considered as Brut or Extra Brut.
  • Brut Nature: It is a bottle of champagne that does not contain any dosage. Some specialists also consider it to be Brut Zero or Non-Dose.
  • Cold-Stabilization: This process is the conscious chilling of the base of wine prior to packaging. The process takes place to make sure tartrate crystals accelerate with the goal that they don’t shape later in the bottle of champagne. However, some makers believe it to be an unnecessary process as any tartrate crystals that may ultimately show up in a jug are completely innocuous.
  • Doux: Even though it does not exist anymore today, Doux is termed to be the sweetest official category of champagne. The term, as well as the category, played a common role back in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • NV: NV refers to non-vintage champagne bottles.
  • MV: MV refers to multi-vintage champagne bottles
  • Dry: It also means the least-sweet champagne—another word for Brut.

Methodology, how we select the best

There are over unbelievable numbers of champagne brands in the market to choose from; however, only a few make it to the top. While some rank because of their brand prestige, others win the competitions by offering the best possible quality. But, we depend on the following points to make sure we select the best champagne brands for you:

  1. The type of sweet
    Champagne is just a one-word term that comes with different varieties; Brut and Extra Brut, Demi-Sec, Sec, and Extra sec, and Doux. while doux champagnes are sweet, just like candies, Brut or Extra Brut is less sweet and goes perfect with junk foods. Demi-sec, sec, and extra-sec on the other hand have balanced sweetness, making them a good match for desserts or to pair with cuisines.
  2. Well-aged champagne
    Aging surely plays a great part in determining the quality of champagne. In fact, not just champagne but any alcohol. The brands we choose to offer at least 3 or more years aged champagne along with NV champagnes that are aged for 15 months.
  3. Strong history, great taste
    The champagnes that come from well-known, prestigious brands are often the best choices for any champagne lover. Also, the older the champagne distilling houses and, the more historic effects you find on the bottle of champagne.
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