Larmandier-Bernier Champagne Prices and Buyer’s Guide

There are good bottles of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne, and then there are stellar bottles of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne alcohol.

This guide will help give you an overview of what Larmandier-Bernier Champagne has to offer.

Which bottles cost what? Which bottles are best? Most loved? Most Rare? Most Expensive?

And more.

Later, you’ll find we’ve summarized a short history of the prestigious brand for you so that in 5 minutes, you can pretend to be an expert. 😉

Note: the prices are in US Dollars, and for the US market, if you are outside of the US, the prices may vary, we will, however, include links to the best place to buy your ideal bottle of Larmandier-Bernier in your country.

How much is a bottle of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne?

Let’s start by answering the most basic question simply:

The most commonly bought bottle of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne is the Larmandier-Bernier Latitude Champagne 750 ml, and costs $45.

What is the most expensive bottle of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne?

The most expensive bottle of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne is Larmandier-Bernier Vieille Vigne Du LevantChampagne. It’s worth $281.

Now that you have the simplest answers to the simplest questions, below you’ll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne, their sizes, prices, and later on, a buyer’s guide.


Larmandier-Bernier Champagne Standard Bottles and Prices

Here is the list of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne bottles and prices.

Number                               NamePrice (750ml)
1Larmandier-Bernier Latitude Champagne$45
2Larmandier-Bernier Longitude Champagne$57

Amongst these standard Larmandier-Bernier Champagne bottles, this is the most popular one,

Larmandier-Bernier Latitude Champagne

The latitude is the signature traditional champagne of the brand, which is rich and charming. This champagne is made only from chardonnay grapes from the same latitude; the south of Vertus. The wines are made from fully ripe grapes, which give them excellent characteristics. This is non-vintage champagne that contains 40% of wines from reserves.

This vintage extra brut latitude has intense aroma of peach and orchards fruits and citrus notes with white flowers and blanched almonds. It is a full-bodied drink with a harmonious palate that gives an expansive finish. It’s worth $45 for 750ml.

Larmandier-Bernier Champagne Prices and Notes

Larmandier-Bernier champagne is available in numerous sizes and prices. The following is the list of Larmandier-Bernier champagne bottles,

Larmandier-Bernier Longitude Champagne

The longitude premier cru extra brut champagne is a blend of wines produced from the chardonnay grapes. This non-vintage champagne has 40% of reserve wines, which gives it a strong flavor profile with freshness and mineral characteristics.

This non-vintage extra brut longitude Champagne has intense aromas of lemon oil baked bread, yellow Orchard fruits, and chalk. Its palate includes a full-bodied taste with acidity and smoothness. The drink gives a harmonious and complete finish.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $57

Larmandier-Bernier Vieille Vigne Du Levant

This is extra brut Blanc De Blancs Champagne, wines produced from the Chardonnay grapes. These wines are over 8-years-old, which gives complexity to the wine.

The champagne has firm citrus notes, crispello apples, warm bread, Mandarin oil, smoke, and oyster shell with an intense palate comprising bright acid that gives a long, intense saline finish.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $281

Larmandier-Bernier Les Chemins D’avize

This is a unique blend of champagne produced from two different vineyards in the heart of Avize, which gives a sophisticated flavor profile to the drink. These wines have delicate characteristics with unique mineral density.

This champagne has lovely aromas of citrus oil, fresh apricot, peach, pear with notes of fresh walnuts and almond paste. Its palate has a full-bodied ripe fruit flavor that gives a long mineral finish to the drink.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $116

Larmandier-Bernier Rose De Saignee

This is a Premier Cru Extra Brut Champagne, which is a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes. It is produced by macerating the berries for a few days, which is a technique rarely practiced for Champagne.

The rose-colored champagne has beautiful aromas of orange and red berries, pure white flowers, and fresh red with the palate, including bright and flashy flavors of acids that give a dramatic finish with intense fruit flavors.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $162

Larmandier-Bernier Terre De Vertus

This is premium champagne that has delicate salinity and complex flavors. The blend is completely a hundred percentage of chardonnay grapes from a single terrior and single Vintage.

The champagne has plenty of mineral and saline flavors with classy bubbles that give sweet profile characteristics to this drink.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $77

Larmandier-Bernier Cramant Nature

This is a blend of champagne produced from grapes that are grown in the Cramant region. The wines are still, which gives this Champagne no bubbles characteristics.

It is made using a hundred percent chardonnay grape, which is aged in oak casks for 2 years. As a result, this champagne has remarkably mature and delicate aromas and flavors.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $78

About Larmandier-Bernier Champagne

Larmandier-Bernieris one of the top five producers of Champagne in the world. It is one of the finest estates in the Cote Des Blancs, which produces mineral and terroir-driven champagnes with purity and finesse. 

The history behind Larmandier-Bernier Champagne

It is a small estate with 15 hectares in Grand cru and premier cru villages of the Cote des Blancs. Larmandier-Bernier families have had a rich history in the Champagne industry since the French revolution. But the champagne house came into the establishment when Phillipe Larmandier and Elisabeth Bernier got married in 1971.

The wines are sold from particular vineyards, giving plenty of indigenous flavors to the drink. In addition, the brand utilizes only indigenous yeast and follows a separate vinification for each terroir to create an unadulterated expression of Champagne.

The brand produced both non-vintage and vintage variations of champagne and sparkling wines. This brand exclusively uses champagne made from chardonnay grapes, which gives it a fruity flavor profile with mineral characteristics.

Why is Larmandier-Bernier Champagne So Popular?

This family-run business is one of the top organic and indigenous winemakers. They produce top-quality Champagnes made only from Chardonnay grapes, giving plenty of richness and complex taste. The champagne is aged for a minimum of 11 months, which gives plenty of depth and character. As a result, the brand has plenty of fan following.

How Best to Drink Larmandier-Bernier Champagne?

You can enjoy the Larmandier-Bernier champagne in the following ways,


Enjoy a glass of Larmandier-Bernier Champagne before a meal as an apéritif.


The Larmandier-Bernier champagne tastes well with seafood dishes such as haddock, codfish, lobster, crab, shrimps, and trout.

Foie Gras

The Larmandier-Bernier champagne goes excellent with Foie Gras dishes.


Enjoy a glass of Larmandier-Bernier champagne with red meat dishes.

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