Most Expensive Vodka Brands to Try

The options are endless when you’re looking for the most expensive bottle of vodka

You’ll find plenty of top-shelf options, one more expensive than the next. But you won’t find a guide to help you break down and understand which brand you never knew you wanted.

This is that guide.

Vodka might not be your first choice for an on-the-rocks sipper. But on this list, you’ll find absolutely divine flavors, and you will learn to enjoy Vodka like you never have before. And of course, if you prefer a nice cocktail instead, our recommendations will work brilliantly with all your favorite mixes.

Below, you’ll find our list of the top expensive brands in the world and a buyer’s guide to Vodka, as well as answers to how it’s made and what types are there.

Finally, we’ll round off this article with tips on how to drink and really enjoy vodka, as well as the key difference between regular and expensive vodka you’ll need to know to become a true aficionado.

The 10 Expensive vodka Brands you can buy

Before introducing the 10 Expensive vodka brands you can buy, here are the top 3 most expensive vodka brands in the world.

1Billionaire Vodka$7.25 million
2The Eye of the Dragon Vodka$5.5 million 
3Russo-Baltique Vodka$1.3 million

Now, the list of our top 10 most expensive vodkas in the world are:

Billionaire Vodka | Price – $7.25 million

It is the world’s most expensive vodka, and the name says so. The Billionaire Vodka is a 2015 edition created and introduced by Leon Verres, who is also a well-known designer. Leon was also behind the infamous “Billionaire Champagne” back in 2009.

This expensive bottle of vodka offers 18 liters of diamond filtered vodka. In fact, that is not the only diamond you get from vodka worth $7.25 million. You can see a beautiful, gorgeous-looking bottle that is decorated with at least 2000 diamonds with faux deep black fur. However, not just its exteriors, but when you taste what’s inside, you are sure to reach heaven. The vodka is very smooth in texture and perfectly refined, and offers a no-burn aftertaste.

The Billionaire Vodka is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious vodkas in the world.

The Eye Of The Dragon | Price – $5.5 million

The world’s second most expensive vodka, The Eye Of The Dragon, is an extravagant vodka bottle that was created by the founder and president of Royal Dragon Vodka, Michel Morren. This expensive vodka bottle comes with at least 15,000 diamonds as well. 

The Eye Of The Dragon vodka bottle is an excellent result of a partnership developed between both Royal Dragon Vodka and Scarselli Diamonds in New York. It took almost eight months to build the 6-liter luxurious vodka that comes with the premium, or rather the ultra-premium Royak Dragon vodka. The bottle comes with 2 kilograms of 18 carats gold and 50 carats round yellow diamonds. In fact, the round yellow diamond is worth near $4.6 million. Not just that, half of the weight of the bottle is pure 18 karat gold. Plus, it is not just the high-end decoration, but the taste of The Eye Of The Dragon is just as fine as the gorgeous diamonds. It is very smooth in taste and texture and distilled in charcoal.

Sounds tastes and smells pretty expensive. Isn’t it?

Russo-Baltique Vodka | Price – $1.3 million

This stolen luxury, made with 3 kilos of gold and silver, along with a diamond cap, was once known as The most expensive bottle of vodka in the entire world, and that happened before the Billionaire vodka topped the list. Russo-Baltique vodka is a premium vodka designed or instead created by Russo-Baltique itself.  The brand is also renowned and one of the only Russian car as well as aircraft makers back in the years between 1909 and 1923. However, automobiles were not the company’s original masterpieces. The Russo-Baltique vodka worth $1.3 million also became one of them. Each bottle is made to attract royal, rich, and wealthy people from all around the world.

One reason why Russo-Baltique vodka is crazy-expensive is because of its packaging deals. Unlike other expensive bottles, Russo-Baltique vodka comes in a flask that is just like the radiator guard that the company used for their cars. In fact, the flask is also attached with gold coins that were minted back between 1908 and 1912. These are also the years when Russo-Baltique started manufacturing its first cars. Interestingly, this expensive bottle is also bullet-proof.

Oh, and its unique flavor is undoubtedly enough to lure you too, not just the rich people. 

DIVA Premium Vodka | Price- $1 million

DIVA Premium Vodka is an England-based exclusive and one of the expensive vodka bottles created by Blackwoods Distillers. This luxurious vodka is made from exclusive English grains. Not just that, DIVA premium vodka is one of the smoothest vodkas to experience, and that is because it is filtered seven times.

However, the smoothness is not the only thing to talk about when it comes to DIVA Premium vodka. It’s the sparkling bracelet attached to the bottle of vodka. And, the exciting part about the bracelet is that you can also remove and wear it. It also comes with a silver cap. Thanks to its beautiful, smooth, and elegant features, DIVA Premium Vodka has become one of the top-shelf choices.

Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition | Price – $24,500

Just like any other expensive, top-shelf vodka, even Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition has an authenticity of its own. Only 250 bottles of Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition, were handmade by the brand Kors Vodka. In fact, keeping aside the bottle, the brand itself is a high-end brand that offers vodka distilled with the help of a diamond and gold distill process. The brand itself is one of the most expensive vodka-selling brands in the world.
But, what makes this vodka so different than others? Well, we would say all thanks to history and Czar Nicholas II, the person who basically shared the vodka recipe that tastes absolutely perfect with his brother and then with the rest of the world. But, apparently, only 250 bottles were released to the market. That being said, did we tell you that the recipe belongs from the early 1900s? That really is pretty old yet antique. The exteriors are perfectly made and designed with 24 karat gold, while the interiors make you feel like you literally just tasted one of the finest vodkas in the world.

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle | Price – $10,000

Absolut is surely one of the most popular, most-chosen, affordable, and welcoming vodka brands to ever exist. However, the brand has offered an uncountable range of vodka flavors and one of the expensive, delicious tasting vodka.
Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle is an exclusive collab between the brand and Mimi Smart and Magnus Skosberg, who are also famous Swedish designers. Even though the motive of collaboration was to create something straightforward yet unique, the end result was a high-class handicraft-themed vodka bottle that comes in beautiful glassworks. The bottle also comes with two crystal tumblers. However, only ten bottles were created and sold. Later another version, or rather a cheaper, non-black version, was released, which gained the same response as Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle.

Even so, this vodka worth $10,000 is undoubtedly worth its taste, looks, and brand name. 

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka | Price – $7,240

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka is yet another famous, high-end vodka bottle introduced by Belvedere vodka. However, unlike other dangling and shining jewel-filled bottles, Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka is something very different yet unique. It is a unique collaboration between the brand and famous songwriter and singer DJ Jean Roch.
This expensive bottle was launched back in the year of 2011 during the Cannes Film Festival. It is a cute vodka bottle that looks like a sitting teddy bear. In fact, you can also say that this exclusive bottle is specially made for party lovers. Why? Because the bottle comes with backlights equipped inside it. Thanks to this, you can actually use it as an attraction at house parties. It is a great piece to use as a display. However, mind you, the bottle is not the only part of this vodka. The vodka in the bottle also lists some of the best-tasting vodkas with a smooth texture and fruitful flavors. This vodka is distilled at least four times, thanks to which the world could experience a lovely flavor with every sip.

Stoli Elit Himalayan Edition Vodka | Price – $3,000

Stoli or Stolichnaya is one of the most famous Russian vodka brands that has offered the world some of its world-class vodka bottles, and Stoli Elit Himalayan Edition Vodka is surely one of them.
Only 3000 bottles were produced of this notorious vodka bottle. In fact, the ingredients make this bottle so expensive yet widely desired. The water comes from the Langtang National Park and is then combined with the winter wheat that comes from the Tambov region of Russia. So you can say you taste the actuality of mother nature when you take a sip of this extraordinary bottle of vodka. In fact, vodka is not all! The packaging of Elit Himalayan Edition is so sleek; you would want to keep the bottle forever as a part of your home decor. The bottle comes in handcrafted bohemian glass and is sealed with a gold-plated ice pick.

This collection by the brand has topped and overcome many other popular brands. But thanks to its smooth, nature-like eliteness, Stoli Elit Himalayan Edition Vodka is the number one choice to those who took a sip of this masterpiece once in their lifetime.

Alize Swarovski Studded Vodka | Price – $2,000

Alize Swarovski Studded Vodka, aka ‘the original drink of love,’ is a valentine’s day special vodka bottle specially designed by Alize. Alize is a popular liquor brand that produces and sells some of the best cognac, vodka, and whiskeys. However, for this special edition, the creator mixed vodka and cognac along with the flavors of passion fruit, lychee, rose, and strawberry.

The exteriors of the bottles are as usual extravagant and gorgeous, and come with beautiful Swarovski diamonds. In fact, Alize Swarovski Studded Vodka is the only expensive vodka the brand has created and sold to the world. It was released back in 2007, and of course, during the unique Valentine’s day. But, hands down, it indeed is one of the best-tasting, smooth, and fruity expensive bottles of vodka.

Magnum Grey Goose Vodka | Price – $815

Grey Goose Vodka is one of the popular vodkas offered by self-made billionaire Sidney Frank. In fact, unlike many other expensive bottles of vodka, Magnum Grey Goose Vodka is still available in the market and for $815.
The recipe of Grey Goose is what makes the drink more unique and extraordinary. Magnum Grey Goose Vodka is made from pure french wheat and is distilled with the help of the five-step process. The distilling process also uses the artesian spring water that is filtered through the champagne limestone from the Gensac Springs. The water is also one of the main reasons Magnum Grey Goose Vodka is exceptionally smooth in taste and texture. In fact, quality is a great topic to talk about when it comes to Magnum Grey Goose Vodka. An excellent bottle comes with beautiful winter Grey Geese pictures in the exteriors.
An excellent quality drink is exactly what you can expect of this expensive vodka.

What makes vodka different from other spirits?

Vodka is very different from other different spirits. While vodka is easy to mix with drinks of all kinds, other alcohols clearly do not pair up with anything and everything. This is probably because it is mostly made with ethanol and water. In fact, compared to other liquors, the chances of you dealing with a bad hangover is less. You can also say vodka is perhaps one of the best alcohols to get drunk on without worrying about an annoying, brain-throbbing hangover the next day.  Additionally, if you are very new to drinking, vodka is the right choice for you to begin with. It is surely a safe drink that has no strong taste and is easier to drink.

How to best drink expensive vodka?

Not sure how to enjoy an ultimate glass of expensive vodka? Here are some of our top 3 recipes you must try!

  1. Long kiss
    Combine your favorite vodka with Violet Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, and Cranberry
  • Icelandic Lady
    Combine vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, and honey syrup. Add champagne on top. You can also add lemon or tangerine peel for more exotic looks.
  •  Martini
    Pour vodka in a glass and garnish with lemon peel or olive.

Which is the cheapest vodka?

The world is a prominent place with uncountable brands of alcohol, especially vodka. However, just like there are tons of expensive bottles of vodka, you can also enjoy the best yet a cheap bottle of vodka that is pocket-friendly and is readily available no matter where you are! Plus, your chances of bankruptcy are casually very low if you choose a cheap bottle over a very expensive one. Even so, one of the best cheap bottles of vodka is New Amsterdam. It costs $10 only and offers a subtle sweet texture and citrus aroma with spicy pepper flavors. Additionally, it is one of the best vodkas for cocktails.

Why is expensive vodka better than regular vodka?

There are often a few myths that expensive vodka gives more minor hangover than cheaper ones, or expensive vodkas are distilled more than the regular ones. In fact, some also believe regular or cheap vodkas cause more burn than expensive vodkas.

But why is expensive vodka better than regular vodka anyway? The reasons are the following:

  1. The distillation process and the ingredients
    While regular vodkas are distilled twice or thrice, expensive ones offer more distilled vodkas. For example, an expensive vodka is distilled six times, while a regular one is distilled only once. It is also true that the number of times you distill your vodka, the better taste you get. However, even for the expensive ones, you can distill your vodka at least eight times maximum, but anyway, after the sixth distillation process, the results won’t get any better. Instead, it will stay the same. This is why the materials one requires to produce expensive bottles of vodka should be pure, low on impurities, and of high quality. Changes in the quality of the raw materials will choose if the vodka will become a high-class, quality drink or a regular bottle of vodka.
  2. Smoothness
    Expensive vodkas are typically smoother than regular vodkas, making it easier for you to enjoy and drink a fine shot of vodka. Plus, expensive bottles generally do not burn when you drink them, while it is the opposite with cheaper, regular bottles of vodkas. Moreover, it is also true that cheap vodkas or really cheap vodkas can cause throbbing headaches, while the expensive ones won’t.
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