The Best Infused Vodka Brands in the World

The options are endless when you’re looking for the best bottle of Infused Vodka.

You’ll find plenty of top-shelf options, one more expensive than the next. But what you won’t find a guide to really help you break down and understand which brand of Infused Vodka you never knew you wanted.

This is that guide.

Infused Vodka might not be your first choice for an on-the-rocks sipper.

But on this list, you’ll find absolutely divine flavors and you will learn to enjoy Infused Vodka like you never have before.

And of course, if you prefer a nice cocktail instead, our recommendations will work brilliantly with all your favorite mixes.

Below, you’ll find our list for the top brands in the world and a buyer’s guide to Infused Vodka as well as answers to how it’s made and what types are there.

Finally, we’ll round off this article with tips on how to drink and really enjoy Infused Vodka as well as the key tasting notes and vocabulary you’ll need to become a true aficionado.

Best Infused Vodka Brands to Savor

Here’s a list of the top 5 Infused Vodka brands you can buy. We have also explained in detail about the other brands that offer Infused vodkas to try.

RankBrandBest for
1Grey GooseBest Overall
2Ketel OneBest High-End Option
3Hanson of SonomaBest Value
4BelvedereBest for Brand Prestige
5FranklyMost Easy to Drink

This is an in-depth explanation of the top Infused vodka brands which includes a list of 17 brands along with a brief description of their company, products, and popularity.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a premium vodka brand that produces good quality, carefully crafted infused vodkas with all-natural ingredients. These botanically infused spirits are best tasting with unique and vibrant flavors.

The brand has introduced infused vodkas in three different flavors, namely, strawberry and lemongrass, watermelon and basil, and white peach and rosemary.

Strawberry and lemongrass-infused vodka is made with freshly picked strawberries and aromatic lemongrass, giving the drink a great flavor profile. The watermelon and basil-infused vodka have a touch of cold-pressed watermelon and wild berries.

Finally, white peach and Rosemary infused vodka has aromatic layers of delicate white peaches and floral Rosemary that give a sensational characteristic to the drink.

Ketel One

Ketel One is a popular vodka brand that uses real botanicals and influences their vodka with natural fruit essences to create plenty of infused vodkas. The brand does not use any artificial sweeteners, sugar, or artificial flavors to create their botanical expressions of vodka.

Ketel One botanical uses real ingredients such as orange blossom, cucumber, mint, grapefruit, and rose essences to flavor their vodka. The vodka is distilled with a hundred percent non-GMO grain in small batches through traditional copper pot stills. It is then infused with natural essences of fragrant botanicals to deliver a fresh taste to the drinks.

The brand introduced three expressions of their infused vodka; Peach and orange blossom vodka, which is made with vodka distilled with real botanicals and infused with natural flavors. The other two expressions include cucumber and mint, grapefruit, and rose.


Ciroc is an ultra-premium Vodka brand that makes smooth, slightly sweet, and medium-bodied vodka crisp and clean. The vodka is distilled with fine quality French grapes five times, which gives it an excellent taste and flavor profile.

The brand has introduced limited-edition infused vodkas in the flavors of Summer watermelon and other flavors, including mango peach, coconut, and pineapple.

These vodkas are infused with natural flavors that give the drink an elegantly smooth taste and finish.

The summer watermelon-infused vodka is made with five-times distilled vodka infused with a distinctive blend of summer watermelons that impart a natural flavor and taste to the drink.

Ciroc Mango is a tropical fruit-flavored vodka infused with mango and other natural flavors to give the drink a citrus layer of flavor. Ciroc pineapple is infused with natural flavors of crushed pineapple that provide a delicious tropical taste to the drink.

Ciroc is infused with a distinctive blend of peaches and other natural flavors, giving a succulent taste of fresh peach and orchard fruit. In addition, Ciroc coconut has a wonderful, genuine taste of freshly grated coconut and vanilla that gives a silky-smooth finish and creamy texture to the drink.


Belvedere is a renowned vodka brand that makes excellent smooth-tasting vodkas in various flavor profiles. In addition, the brand has recently introduced a range of super-premium organic flavored vodkas, which are their first certified organic spirits.

These organic infusions are crafted with only organic ingredients that are formed with no artificial pesticides, additives, or chemicals. For example, Polish Vodka is infused with natural organic ingredients and does not use any artificial flavors.

The brand has introduced three organic infusions, namely, blackberry and lemongrass with the help of sage, lemon, and basil with a touch of elderflower and pear and ginger with the drop of Linden honey.

Blackberry and lemongrass with the hint of sage vodka have a perfect infusion of ripe blackberry and fragrant lemongrass that is balanced with a touch of sage. In addition, this organic vodka has aromas of vanilla, rich dark chocolate that gives a light citrus finish to the drink.

Lemon and basil vodka with a hint of elderflower has bright citrus aromas with a rich palette of herbaceous basil floral elderflower and juicy Muscat grapes that gives an elegant finish with a peppery basil touch.

Pear and Ginger vodka with the hint of Linden honey has luscious aromas of pear, ginger, and sweetness of Linden honey that gives a different dimension to this organic vodka.

Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy is one of the best Austin-based vodka brands globally that make infused vodkas with real organic ingredients. The brand has different infused Vodka, including cranberry, sweet tea, lemon, Ruby red, lime, orange, and peach.

Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka is made by infusing the ten times distilled original vodka with real whole leaf in the nation black tea, which is sweet and with the hint of organic honey.

The specialty of deep eddy vodka is it is made with real fruit juices and lightly sweetened with real cane sugar.

Wild Roots

Wild Roots vodka is handcrafted in Oregon, which is an organic vodka infused with natural flavors and bottled at 70-proof. The brand does not use any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Wild Roots Original Vodka is made with American grown corn and pristine water from the Pacific Northwest region. The water is filtered over a hundred times to give the spirit a smooth and unique taste.

Wild roots infused vodkas are available in plenty of flavors, such as raspberry, apple and cinnamon, marionberry, dark sweet cherry, cranberry, huckleberry, pear, and peach.

The raspberry-infused vodka is infused with fresh raspberries straight from the wine, giving the drink a radiant red color and sweet and tart flavor. Apple and cinnamon-infused vodka is made with fresh Apple Cider and real cinnamon sticks.

Marionberry vodka has an earthy and sweet infusion of blackberries, while cranberry vodka has an infusion of raw fresh-pressed cranberry juice, and huckleberry vodka has juicy huckleberries. Pear, peach, and dark sweet cherry vodkas have an infusion of ripe fruits, respectively.

Hanson of Sonoma

Hanson of Sonoma organic vodka is made in small batches from organic grapes and infused with whole organic ingredients. In addition, these artisanal spirits are infused with real fruits and spices to give an aromatic characteristic to the drink.

The brand has introduced four different infused vodkas: organic cucumber, organic Meyer lemon, organic Mandarin, and organic Habanero vodkas.

Organic cucumber vodka is infused with hand-chopped organic cucumbers, which are macerated in the original organic vodka to impart the freshest cucumber taste to the drink. In addition, it has cucumber, hibiscus, and cilantro aromas that give a light mentee finish to the drink.

Organic Meyer Lemon Vodka is made by infusing hand-peeled Meyer lemons in a long maceration process with original Walker to infuse a tart flavor to the drink. This vodka has a zing with aromas of lemon and herbs on the palate.

Organic Mandarin Vodka is made with an old citrus infusion of Mandarin fruits with original organic vodka to infuse a citrus flavor to the drink. As a result, it has bright aromas of passionfruit, citrus, and lemon essence on the finish.

Organic Habanero vodka is infused with 7 varieties of organic peppers, which are hand-chopped and soaked with original organic vodka. This vodka has a savory aroma with a hint of lemongrass on the finish.


Finlandia is a prominent vodka made in Finland using golden Suomi barley and pure glacial spring water that has a smooth taste with a gentle aroma.

The brand makes botanical-infused vodkas in cucumber and mint, wild berry, and rose flavors. These vodkas are infused with real ingredients without added flavors or colors.

Finlandia cucumber and vodka have an authentic taste of original vodka and a refreshing taste of cucumber that gives a smooth finish to the drink with the hint of garden mint.

Finlandia wild berry and rose vodka taste original vodka infused with rich forest berries that give an aromatic finish with a fragrance of garden rose.


Effen premium vodka is produced by an extraordinary process of chilled distillation and carbon filtration process for a smooth finest taste.

The brand has crafted different flavored vodkas, which are infused with the finest quality naturally sourced ingredients. Their collection includes black cherry, Yuzu citrus, rose, raspberry, and cucumber.

Effen Cucumber Vodka is infused with a subtle extract of wild-type and Spanish cucumber, which gives fresh notes of cucumber flavors and clear deliciousness to the drink.

Effen raspberry vodka is infused with tangy raspberries that are picked from the backyard that give a fresh fruity flavor with hints of vanilla to the drink.

Effen Rose vodka has bright flavors of rose wine that give sweetness and vivacity to the drink.

Effen Yuzu citrus vodka is infused with East Asia yuzu fruit extracts that give a citrus zing to the drink. In contrast, the black cherry vodka is infused with juicy black cherries and the finest Madagascan Vanilla beans.

St.George’s Spirits

St George spirits make one-of-a-kind vodka from non-GMO spirits. These vodkas are infused with organic, locally sourced ingredients, which give a versatile flavor and velvety consistency to the drinks.

St. George spirits create two types of infused vodkas: California citrus vodka and green chile vodka. The California citrus vodka is infused with real California-grown Valencia oranges, Seville oranges, and bergamot.

The non-GMO spirit is infused with the fruits and peels, where each infusion is then distilled separately and blended before filtering for impurities. This clear citrus-flavored Vodka has aromas and flavors of oranges that give a balanced touch of sweetness and tartness.

St. George green chile vodka is infused with hot & sweet peppers grown in California like serranos, jalapeno, Habaneros, yellow and red bell peppers. This vodka is infused with four types of pepper separately, and the distillate is blended together before filtering for impurities.

The green chile vodka has a slight green tint from the pepper infusion. It has spicy aromas of peppers and savory notes with hints of peppery punch.

Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka is made from fresh strawberries in small batches and distilled 7 times for a unique taste experience.

This is not a typical flavored vodka because this vodka is made from the freshest strawberries, which are farm-grown and then distilled to produce the cleanest vodka with powerful aromas of strawberry jam.

This vodka is distilled from 100% Ohio-grown strawberries, adding no flavorings or sweeteners.

Cathead Pecan

Cathead Pecan vodka is the only pecan flavored vodka in the world made from Bass Pecan cultivated in a Mississippi-based company near the cathead distillery.

For a sweet and creamy profile, vodka is macerated with pecan for 4 to 6 weeks and then sweetened with Luciana cane sugar. It is bottled at 70-proof.

The Vodka is infused with roasted pecans and aged in a stainless-steel container for adding a depth of flavors to the drink. The brand does not use any artificial coloring or flavors.


Nemiroff is a Ukrainian Vodka brand that produces traditional vodka spirits by following an age-old Ukrainian recipe. The vodka is rested in oak barrels, giving this drink a unique color and characteristics.

Nemiroff honey pepper vodka is infused with all-natural Honey pepper with fresh orange flavorings that is my load in oak barrels to create a bright-tasting vodka. This vodka has hints of spice, sweetness, and citrus.

Nemiroff burning pear vodka is infused with fresh pear flavorings and all-natural honey pepper to create a velvety mellow flavor profile to the drink.


Frankly is an organic vodka brand that gives a modern twist to the most popular flavored vodkas. The brand uses organic ingredients to make kosher and gluten-free vodkas with natural flavors.

The brand makes infused vodkas in apple, pomegranate, strawberry, and grapefruit flavors.

The Apple-infused vodka is made by infusing original clear vodka with sweet apples and real Ginger root, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice to give the drink a balance of spiciness and sweetness.

Grapefruit Vodka is infused with Ceylon cinnamon and delicious grapefruit and sweetened with maple syrup to create an earthy and citrus flavor profile.

Strawberry Vodka is infused with naturally sweet strawberries, turmeric, coconut water, and lemon juice to balance the tartness in the vodka.

Pomegranate Vodka is infused with juicy pomegranate lemon juice, ginger, turmeric, and sweet and natural coconut sugar to create the right balance of sweetness and spiciness in the drink.


Skyy is one of the best-infused vodka brands. It makes vodka with water enhanced by Pacific minerals in San Francisco. Their collection of infused vodkas is in the flavors of citrus, blood orange, pineapple, and watermelon.

The blood orange Vodka is infused with fresh-tasting blood orange, which gives a clear and smooth finish with hints of zesty blood orange fruits.

The lemon-infused vodka is enhanced with citrus flavors that give the vodka a refreshing, bold, and juicy characteristic.

The pineapple-infused vodka has vibrant, juicy aromas and real pineapples flavors that give the drink a tropical tart finish.

The watermelon-infused vodka has the pure taste of fresh watermelon that gives a certain summer characteristic to the vodka.


Svedka Infusions is a new range of vodka which is made with natural and bold profiles. The five times distilled clear vodka made from Swedish winter wheat is infused with real fruits and spices to make pure vodka infusions.

The brand makes pure infused vodkas in strawberry guava, Ginger lime, and dragon fruit melon. These vodkas do not have sugar, carbs, or fats and are only 70 calories in a 1.5oz serving.

Infuse Spirits

Infuse Spirits vodka is one of the best American-based Vodka brands that naturally infuse spirits in different flavors. The vodkas are infused with a hundred percent real fruits and spices in a single bottle infusion process. They do not contain any added sugars, dyes, or artificial ingredients.

The brand makes infused spirits in the flavors of grapefruit, which is infused with floral grapefruit peels, a pink hue, and a citrus flavor. The cinnamon apple-flavored vodka is infused with pure apples and cinnamon, giving the drink a silky dessert-like finish.

The lemon-flavored vodka has a yellow hue because the infusion of citrus lemon and lemon peels gives the drink a candied bright lemon-flavored finish.

The peach-flavored vodka is infused with real peaches that give a long finish with hints of vanilla and bruised peaches.

The mango habanero-infused vodka is filled with fresh mangoes and spicy habanero peppers that give the drink a spicy, medium body finish.

How Do They Make Infused Vodka?

Infused Vodka is the new range of vodka which is made using natural organic ingredients, adding no preservatives, chemicals, sugars, or additives.

Do Infused Vodkas Have Less Alcohol Content?

Most infused Vodkas have less alcohol content than plain vodka. The spirit is infused with natural ingredients and bottled at 60 or 70 proof than the more typical 80 proof.

The Difference Between Infused and Flavored Vodkas

Infused Vodka differs in production, taste, and quality from flavored vodkas because it is made using real ingredients rather than artificial flavors. The neutral spirit is infused with natural herbs, fruits, and spices for a few days to allow these flavors to be steeped in the vodka for maximum characteristics.

On the other hand, flavored vodkas are made using artificial flavors, additives, and sweeteners, making them complex in their flavor profiles.

How to Drink Infused Vodka?

Vodka is an ideal base for making plenty of cocktails, but infused vodka adds a layer of depth and complexity to cocktails, making it one of the best for making plenty of vodka-based drinks.

Here are a few vodka drinks to make with infused vodka and enjoy its scintillating flavors:

Sparkling Vodka

Mix pear-infused vodka with lime juice, simple syrup, tonic water, cinnamon, and sugar to make a sparkling vodka cocktail.

Cucumber Bloody Mary

Blend tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and cucumber-infused vodka to make a creative bloody Mary cocktail.

Salty Cocktail

Mix Ruby red grapefruit-infused vodka with simple syrup, lime juice, sea salt, and tonic water to create a salty cocktail.

Vanilla Coke Cocktail

Mix Cola with lime juice and vanilla-infused vodka and serve in a highball glass with ice.

Creamy Orange

Mix orange-infused vodka with simple syrup, one egg white, a dash of vanilla, orange juice, and garnished with orange slices.

Tropical Delight

Mix pineapple-infused vodka with fresh sage, honey, lime juice, and frozen pineapple to make a tropical cocktail.

Lavender slush

Blend lavender-infused vodka with sugar, ice, fresh mint leaves, and freshly grated ginger and lime juice to create a refreshing slushie.

Apple Cider Mule

Mix Apple infused water with apple slices, ice cubes, and ginger beer to make an apple cider mule.

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