The Best Ukrainian Vodka Brands in the World

The options are endless when you’re looking for the best bottle of Ukrainian Vodka.

You’ll find plenty of top shelf options, one more expensive than the next. But what you won’t find a guide to really help you break down and understand which brand of Ukrainian Vodka you never knew you wanted.

This is that guide.

Ukrainian Vodka might not be your first choice for an on-the-rocks sipper.

But on this list, you’ll find absolutely divine flavors and you will learn to enjoy Ukrainian Vodka like you never have before.

And of course, if you prefer a nice cocktail instead, our recommendations will work brilliantly with all your favorite mixes.

Below, you’ll find our list for the top brands in the world and a buyer’s guide to Ukrainian Vodka as well as answers to how it’s made and what types are there.

Finally, we’ll round off this article with tips on how to drink and really enjoy Ukrainian Vodka as well as the key tasting notes and vocabulary you’ll need to become a true aficionado.

Best Ukrainian Vodka Brands to Try

Here’s a list of the top 5 Ukrainian Vodka brands you can buy. We have also explained in detail the other brands that offer Ukrainian vodkas to try.

RankBrandBest for
1PristineBest Overall
2KhortytsaBest High-End Option
3ZirkovaBest Value
4NemiroffBest for Brand Prestige
5MedoffMost Easy to Drink

The following is the list of 18 best Ukraine vodka brands you must definitely try:


Nemiroff is one of the best Vodka brands from Ukraine that produces high-quality vodka that is exported to over 80 countries in the world. It is the largest exporter of vodka drinks from Ukraine.

This is one of the best Ukrainian Vodka brands with a 150-year history that dates back to the Soviet Union. It produces premium class vodka using natural ingredients and pure water, which is distilled and filtered in the eleven stages for refined taste and quality.

The brand produces its vodkas in the town of Nemyriv, which is known for the largest Podillia distillery. It has received over 90 medals from various spirit competitions.

Nemiroff produces classic and flavored vodkas at various prices, including a premium line. Their collection includes honey with pepper, Ukrainian birch special, delikat soft, Nemiroff cranberry leaf, Nemiroff premium, LEX, spicy strawberry, premium Deluxe, and premium cranberry.

It also produces premium exotic vodkas, including apple, pear, lemon, peach, pineapple, mango, coconut, and orange.

The brand also introduced a new lineup of inked collections in the flavors of Bold Orange, Wild Cranberry, and Burning Pear in 2019.


Khortysta is the second-best vodka producer from Ukraine, which is among the top 3 best-selling vodkas in the world. The company exports its products to over 87 countries globally.

The brand produces super-premium vodka using the latest technologies. It has received over 278 gold and 120 silver medals for its products.

The brand was launched in 1998 in the heart of eastern Europe. The lineup includes Khortytsa Platinum, Absolute, Ice, Silver Cool, Deluxe, Classic, and Premium vodkas.

Khortytsa Platinum is the brand’s flagship product, which is made with the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art production technologies. It is made with the finest wheat and oatmeal, which is blended with artesian water to produce smooth vodka.

Khortytsa Absolute is a fine quality vodka that is produced from the finest wheat and artesian water using proprietary filtration technology for a classic vodka taste.

Khortytsa Ice is one of the brand’s bestsellers, which has a refreshing taste and comes in a unique color-changing bottle. In addition, it has a mild aroma of Linden honey, mint, and menthol aftertaste.

Khortytsa Silver Cool is made with purified natural water and hand-selected grains of golden wheat, which gives a superior premium quality vodka. In addition, this vodka has wonderful flavors of mint and menthol.

Khortytsa De Luxe VIP-Class Vodka is made with high-quality natural ingredients and purified water to create a real masterpiece for vodka lovers. It has amazing flavors of cinnamon and cherry twigs.

Khortytsa Premium vodka is a clean and refined vodka with the perfect taste and smoothness. In addition, the brand follows an additional silver filtration process to enhance the flavor profile of the drink.


Zirkova is one of the ultra-premium vodka brands in Ukraine. The brand’s history dates back to over 600 years. It is one of the legendary vodkas made in Ukraine using traditional recipes and the distillation process.

This ultra-premium vodka is handcrafted in small batches using the finest Ukrainian grain spirits. It is distilled four times for balanced smoothness and clarity. The best part about the vodka is that the master distiller only uses the Tsar’s Cut, which is blended with the finest water from Zolotonosha.

The spirit is filtered in a slow filtration process to remove impurities and finally filtered through charcoal for taste and character.


Khor premium gluten-free vodka is one of the best international best-selling vodkas in the world. The brand produces premium quality vodkas using the finest ingredients.

Khor platinum is one of the few corn-based vodkas made using silver filtration technologies. It is a clean, balanced drink with a precise taste that is finished in a birch and alder tree charcoal filtration system.

Khor De Luxe is a gourmet class vodka with a silky texture and mild aftertaste. It is distilled from corn in a copper-pot column distillation unit and blended with artisan drinking water and filter in a four separate stage process.

Khor Ice is one of the coolest vodkas made with Arctic winter pure water, which gives an herbal freshness along with aromas and flavors of Linden honey and mint.


Pristine is an all-natural award-winning vodka with unparalleled smoothness and perfect taste. It is crafted and bottled in Ukraine.

This vodka is made using Ukrainian wheat and mineral-rich pure water from the Carpathian Mountains. They use a secret recipe to distill all-natural vodka through the gravity filtration system and an all-natural distillation method.

This vodka has wonderful aromas of fruit, cream, and bread that give a medium to full body dry finish with spices and sweet meringue aftertaste. It has a transparent appearance with an elegant accented taste.

Staritsky Levitsky

It is the brainchild of a group of vodka enthusiasts who traveled and spent years tasting different vodkas before finally making a base for producing good quality vodka at Lviv, Ukraine, in 2010. This distillery is close to the Carpathians Mountains, which have crystal clear water with great mineral density.

This vodka is produced using unique grains grown on the black soil in Ukraine, giving the vodka a great depth of character and flavor. The collection of vodkas includes the distill number 9, Reserve, and Private cellar.

Distil No:9 is a premium small-batch vodka that is made using a traditional Ukrainian recipe where it is distilled five times and purified 4 times for a refined and well-balanced taste. It has a slight aroma of herbs and a fresh taste of bread and spices that quickly finish freshly cut grass aftertaste.

The Reserve Vodka is the first super-premium vodka that is distilled from August harvested grains and pure spring water from the Carpathians mountains. It is distilled five times, filtered four times for smoothness, and rested for 30 days in stainless steel tanks to create a full-body flavor. This crystal-clear vodka has a balanced taste which gives a medium finish with warm complexity.

The Private Cellar Vodka is made in small batches and rested for 60 days before bottling. It is a limited-edition drink handmade using soft grains and blended with water with natural mineralization at zero pH level. They make only a thousand bottles at a time. This vodka has a warm and slightly spicy flavor with hints of mint, sage, licorice that give a medium body finish with the spicy aftertaste.


Krol is the second best-selling potato vodka in the world. This is a premium vodka that is distilled from potatoes, where the production dates back to the 17th century.

Krol premium vodka is based on an old family recipe that gives a deep taste of potatoes and a smooth finish. This vodka goes through a triple distillation process for superior flavor and complexity.


Titomirov is a popular Ukraine-based company that makes premium vodka from Ukrainian grains and natural alkaline water.

The brand is famous for producing gluten-free vodka using non-GMO grains, which are distilled seven times for purity and taste. This Vodka has a pH of 8.2.

Titomirov vodka brand is the dream of Alex Titomirov, who had a passion for producing vodka with natural alkalinity. They use pure alkaline water of the Carpathian Mountains to produce refreshing and flavorful vodka.

This super clean vodka is made from non-GMO corn, which produces a hydrating drink with lesser alcohol and higher alkalinity.

Hlibny Dar

Hlibny Dar is one of the most expensive traditional vodkas made in Ukraine. It is a flagship brand of Bayadera Group and produced by the Ukrainian National Vodka company.

It is a high-quality spirit made with natural grains and ecologically clean water sourced from an artesian well. ThisvVodka is distilled and filtered in many stages to clear appearance and purity. This high-quality spirit belongs to the class of Lux, which has impeccable quality.

The collection of vodkas includes classic wheat, on sprouted grain, rye lux, Ginger honey, present set rye lux, present set classic, and present set wheaten.


Dima’s vodka was founded by Dima Deinega in 2020. It is a superior Ukrainian vodka that is distilled three times in column stills and filtered through sand and charcoal to remove impurities.

It is a three-grain vodka that is made with the highest quality grains such as barley, wheat, and rye, which is cultivated in Ukraine. The clear vodka has a rounded flavor profile and velvety smoothness.

Ukraine is famous for its black soil, which provides the finest conditions for these grains to grow, giving the drink a unique characteristic.

The brand is famous for serving their vodka with a pickle, which is the traditional way of serving vodkas in Ukraine. The saltiness of the pickle complements the sweet smoothness of the vodka.

Dima’s Vodka has a nutty flavor with rye aromas and hints of aniseed, vanilla, and spice. This gives a creamy finish with a spicy aftertaste.


Status is a premium Vodka that is made at the 117-year-old Zlatogor distillery in Ukraine.

The brand follows a superior distillation process where the grain spirit is distilled 4 times and blended with water from the artesian well for producing a smooth tasting vodka.

The blended spirit undergoes a 7-step filtration process to remove impurities and alcohol aromas for purity and taste.


Helsinki is one of the popular and innovative vodka brands in Ukraine. It is famous for developing a special class of lux spirits made from selected wheat grains and blended with crystal clear natural water sourced from an underground river.

The lineup of Helsinki vodkas includes Ice Palace and Winter Capital Silver, and Winter Capital Aquamarine.

The Ice Palace vodka is made using soft wheat and pure water that undergoes a unique filtration process for coolness and freshness. As a result, this transparent-colored vodka has a refreshing mint aroma that gives the drink a light finish.

The Winter Capital Silver is a pure, clean, fresh, and soft classic Vodka that is bottled in a special translucent silver-coated glass bottle that keeps the vodka cool for a long time.

The Winter Capital Ultramarine Vodka is a classic vodka with its own unique taste. It has aromatic characteristics with a fresh finish.


Medoff is an inspiring vodka that is made with natural ingredients in Ukraine. It is made from traditional family recipes using natural ingredients and mountain spring water. This vodka was first crafted by Joseph Medoff.

It is one of the smoothest vodkas produced, with a great flavor profile and characteristics. It is handcrafted in small batches using 21st-century distillation units by highly experienced distillation masters. The distilled spirits undergo a 7-stage filtration process to produce the purest premium vodka.

The brand’s collection of vodkas includes Classic, Royal, Original, and Winter.

Medoff Classic Vodka is the most popular one by the brand, which is produced using distilled pure grain alcohol, honey, and pure mountain spring water. It goes through a 5-stage distillation process and seven-level honey filtration for incredible smoothness. It is a premium vodka that is made using the best pure grain spirit and mountain spring water that gives a delicate aroma and softness to the drink. The distilled spirit goes through the honey filtration process, where natural Royal jelly is added for silky smoothness and velvety texture.

Medoff Original is a genuine pure vodka, which is a combination of pure grain alcohol and mountain spring water that undergoes a honey filtration technology with the addition of natural propolis that enhances the taste and smoothness of the vodka. Medoff Winter is the first vodka created based on the technology where the propolis is infused for several days and rested for luxurious softness and aroma. This alcohol has an aroma of Linden honey, which was an ancient winter folk remedy.


Pervak is a real craft vodka made in Ukraine. Their lineup includes homemade wheat vodka, Classic Vodka, Rye homemade vodka, pepper with honey vodka, Borodino bread vodka, and a special tincture. Pervak Homemade Wheat Vodka is double distilled to produce an aromatic spirit with lime blossoms, sugar syrup, and rye bread crumbs.

It is made of oatmeal and the purest artesian water, giving the drink a harmonious aroma and clean taste. Pervak Rye Homemade Vodka is grain-based alcohol with aromas of lime and honey, which is distilled once from rye breadcrumbs. Pervak Pepper with Honey Vodka is a flavored vodka infused with chili pepper, natural honey, apple juice, and sweet clover extracts that give a spicy twist to Ukrainian vodka. Besides, Pervak Special Tincture is a gentle aromatic spirit that is made using the highest quality grain alcohol from dried rye bread and the best drinking water. This vodka is made using a double distillation process that gives the drink a pleasant aroma and characteristics.

Russian Shot

Russian shot is a premium vodka brand that is in the heart of the Slavonic islands in Ukraine. It makes vodka from high-quality grain alcohol, which is distilled six times for smoothness and clarity. This was launched in 2003.

This vodka is produced at a Prime distillery in the Malinovka village in Ukraine. The collection includes Russian Shot Original Vodka, Russian Shot Black Pearl Vodka, Russian Shot Gentle Vodka, and Russian Shot Limited Edition Black Pearl Vodka. It also produces different flavored Vodkas, such as apples, lemon, and orange.


Rada is a premium class vodka that is produced by the Bayadera group. It is made using selected natural ingredients in a unique technology distillation process that creates a modern vodka suitable for people who love freedom and traveling.

This is the first Ukrainian pure luxury alcohol brand that used a special purification process and additional maturation for a smoother taste. The collection includes classic, respect, and special vodkas.

Rada Classic Vodka is a perfectly clean and smooth vodka that is made of high-quality spirit that goes through a multi-level filtration for purity and smoothness.

Rada Respect is a classic Ukrainian Vodka that is made from high-quality grain alcohol Lux and artesian water that gives a rigorous, clear taste and texture to the drink.

Rada Special Vodka is a premium and unique vodka with the perfect taste and smoothness. It is made from purest artisan water and the highest quality with spirit in a unique purification technology. The distilled spirit is filtered through quartz, birch, and coconut coal in an 11-fold filtration process, giving the drinks the highest quality and recognizable taste.

First Guild

First Guild is an Elite Ukrainian brand of vodka which produces the best tasting vodka from spring water and Ukrainian grains that have the perfect softness and lightness to the drink.

The company makes original vodka and flavored ones such as honey, lemon, and pepper.


Mernaya Vodka is a National Ukrainian product that is produced using grain alcohol distilled from selected wheat grains without fermentation and blended with naturally pure water with good microelement content.

The brand follows a multistage filtration and five-stage distillation process for producing the best-tasting vodka. The distilled spirit is filtered using four filtrations: classic, charcoal filtration, polishing filtration, silver filtration, and Platinum filtration.

It is famous for its unique filtration technology of molecular milk purification. The water blend is purified for 21 days in a common tank with specially prepared dry milk that eliminates impurities and enriches the vodka with calcium and other useful micronutrients.

The lineup includes Mernaya Vodka on Milk, which follows the milk purification technique. In addition, Mernaya Tradition Vodka follows the traditional filtration through charcoal columns and an additional silver filtration for producing a soft clear vodka.

Mernaya Honey and Pepper Vodka is a pleasant tasting vodka with a golden Sunny color. It has wonderful aromas of red and black peppers and honey. Mernaya Wheat Vodka is made using traditional filtration through charcoal columns as well as an additional Platinum filtration for producing a smooth vodka from wheat.

Mernaya Zastolie Vodka is a traditional drink made for Ukrainian dining. It has the aromas of salty rye biscuits and natural honey.

Ukraine has one of the biggest vodka markets in the world, where several brands make top-class premium vodka and flavored ones for people around the globe. As a result, vodka is an essential part of Ukrainian culture.

The country has been famous for producing vodka since the 17th century. They make excellent premium quality vodka primarily from potatoes and wheat grown in the black soils. The spirit is distilled several times, usually more than thrice, and filtered through multiple charcoal filters for excellent purity and taste.

How Do People Drink Vodka in Ukraine?

Ukrainians have a unique style of drinking vodka, where they usually pour everybody a shot of vodka and toast them together. They typically take a break between the second and the third shot.

The basic rules are that the person pouring vodka first must continue pouring it throughout the night. They should not keep empty bottles on the table.

The Interesting Ways to Enjoy Ukrainian Vodka

There are several ways to drink classic Ukrainian Vodka, including the basic ways of enjoying it neat, on the rocks, or as shots. But most people love making plenty of alcoholic drinks like:

White Ukrainian

Mix Ukrainian vodka with whipped cream, hazelnut liqueur, ice cubes, and milk.

Fig Cocktail

Blend Ukrainian vodka with fig jam, lemon juice, egg white, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Ukrainian Fizz

Mix Ukrainian vodka with lemon juice, limoncello, cucumber, and sparkling wine to produce a fizzy cocktail.


Mix Ukrainian vodka with cranberry juice, lime juice, and Cointreau to create a refreshing Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Ukrainian Vodka Tonic

Mix Ukrainian vodka with tonic water and garnish with a slice of pickle for a twist.

Ukrainian Espresso Martini

Blend Ukrainian vodka with coffee liqueur and expressive and garnish with coffee beans.

Black Ukrainian

Mix cola with Ukrainian Vodka, coffee liqueur, and peach liquor to create a sensational cocktail.

Ukrainian Punch

Mix Ukrainian vodka with orange zest and lime juice, orange juice, cranberries, strawberries, sour cherries, and club soda.


Mix Ukrainian vodka with dried cherries, dried apples, honey, and prunes to create a flavourful cocktail.

Ukrainian Lemonade

Mix Ukrainian vodka with ice cubes, lemon juice, simple syrup, and garnish with lemon slices.

Ukrainian Mule

Mix Ukrainian vodka with Ginger beer lime juice and garnish with mint leaves.

Ukrainian Sunrise

Mix Ukrainian vodka with orange juice, ice cubes, cranberry juice, and simple syrup.

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