The Best Swedish Vodka Brands in the World

The options are endless when you’re looking for the best bottle of Swedish Vodka.

You’ll find plenty of top-shelf options, one more expensive than the next. But what you won’t find a guide to really help you break down and understand which brand of Swedish Vodka you never knew you wanted.

This is that guide.

Swedish Vodka might not be your first choice for an on-the-rocks sipper.

But on this list, you’ll find Absolutely divine flavors, and you will learn to enjoy Swedish Vodka like you never have before.

And of course, if you prefer a nice cocktail instead, our recommendations will work brilliantly with all your favorite mixes.

Below, you’ll find our list for the top brands in the world and a buyer’s guide to Swedish Vodka, as well as answers to how it’s made and what types are there.

Finally, we’ll round off this article with tips on how to drink and really enjoy Swedish Vodka as well as the key tasting notes and vocabulary you’ll need to become a true aficionado.

Best Swedish Vodka Brands to Savor

Here’s a list of the top 5 Swedish Vodka brands you can buy. We have also explained in detail about the other brands that offer Swedish vodkas to try.

RankBrandBest for
1SvedkaBest Overall
2AbsolutBest High-End Option
3VirtuousBest Value
4Spirit of HvenBest for Brand Prestige
5PurityMost Easy to Drink

This is an in-depth explanation of the top Swedish vodka brands, which includes a list of 14 brands along with a brief description of their company, products, and popularity.


Absolut is the best Swedish Vodka brand globally that offers vodka made of premium ingredients. This vodka is produced in Southern Sweden in a place named Ahus.

Absolute Vodka brand is owned by the French spirits group, Pernod Ricard. It is one of the largest vodka brands in the world that are sold in over 126 countries.

This brand was first established by Lars Olsson Smith in Sweden and was first introduced to the Sweden market in 1879. However, later it was popularized globally in 1979.

Absolut makes popular flavored and unflavoured vodka made from Swedish winter wheat and Gensac spring water. Their lineup includes original Absolut vodka, Absolut voices, Absolut watermelon, Absolut Tomorrowland, Absolut passionfruit, Absolut raspberri, Absolut elyx, and Absolut hundred.

The brand also makes several flavored vodkas, including grapefruit, lime, citron, mandarin, vanilla, pepper, apeach, Kurant, mango, cherries, rainbow, extract, Apple, and acai berry.


Purity is an organic vodka brand made in Sweden. This is a small batch of vodka that is made in a small pot still and comes unfiltered. The company uses good quality wheat and barley to distill organic vodka with texture and hints of sweetness and salinity.

Purity makes four different vodkas, including connoisseur 51 reserve Vodka, signature 34 edition, estate 17 edition, and Mediterranean citrus-flavored vodka.

Purity uses fine quality organic ingredients, which are distilled slowly over low heat 51 times in a 600-liter copper still. The handcrafted gluten-free vodkas are naturally smooth and delicious. They have an earthy and sweet texture and flavor profile.


Kopparberg is a Swedish Cider brand that has recently launched a range of flavored vodkas. It has introduced three flavors such as lemon, passion fruit, strawberry, and lime.

The company is a Swedish brewery which is based in the town of Kopparberg, in Central Sweden. This vodka is available in various parts of the United Kingdom.

These flavored vodkas have a bold fruit flavor and color, which gives vodka drinkers a unique experience.


Aivy vodka was first introduced in Franska Bukten, Stockholm in Sweden. It is a Swedish vodka brand that makes excellent creamy, rich flavored vodkas. They use fine quality wheat, which is triple distilled, to create an amazing amalgamation of flavors.

The brand makes triple grain vodka with barley, wheat, and rye, which is blended with natural spring water after the triple distillation process to create a distinctive grain spirit.

This vodka has the flavors of three different green characteristics, which make it one of the versatile and unique spirits made in Sweden.

Three different flavored vodka includes lemon, blackcurrant, and mint, which is Aivy Black. This triple flavored vodka has a light spice and herbaceous freshness of blackcurrant and lemon on the nose with a sweet palate of red fruits, mint, and citrus. The drink gives a tangy fruit finish with the lingering notes of mint.

Aivy Red has flavors of lemon, pomegranate, and lime. This vodka is made with the natural sweetness and tartness of lemon, lime, and pomegranate. It has intense aromas of spices and a sweet palate of citrus and berry fruits that gives a long finish with crisp fruity flavors in the end.

Spirit of Hven

Spirit of Hven is one of the best Swedish Vodka brands. This vodka is made in a tiny distillery that is on a Swedish island in the Oresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark. This Island boasts itself with plenty of strong agricultural lands that produce some of the finest grains in Sweden.

This is one of the unique vodkas that is made from certified organic cereals, which is cask matured before it is finally distilled in the pot still. The brand does not use any carbon filters or chill-filtration processes to remove impurities to keep the vodka flavors.

The brand produces organic unflavoured Vodka, which has buttery vanilla aromas along with minerality that gives a smooth and flavourful finish with notes of black pepper and barley.


Cariel is a premium Swedish vodka brand that has over 500 years of Heritage in Swedish distilling. They use native wheat, barley, and natural spring water to create the smoothest and best-tasting vodka.

The company was founded by Peter Carlson and Fredrik Bohner in the 2000s. They followed a batch blending process using finest ingredients like native grown grains and vanilla to distill premium iconic spirits.

The brand produces two types of vodka, namely Cariel Batch Blended Vodka, which is purified using natural spring water, and Swedish winter wheat and barley. This vodka has a smooth and full-bodied texture with a gentle sweetness from the wheat grains.

The wheat and barley are grown in the southwest of Sweden, where it is distilled separately in small-batch copper stills and later blended with glacial water from Lake Vattern. The Cariel batch blended vodka has a subtle sweetness with aromas of stone fruit and marzipan that gives a finish with the hint of spice and dried fruit.

Cariel Vanilla vodka is one of the best spirits created by the brand where the founders spent over five years researching on producing this unique Vanilla flavored vodka. It was first introduced to the market in 2003.

This Vanilla Vodka is crafted by blending natural spring water with spirits distilled from Swedish winter wheat and flavored with natural vanilla, which is sourced from India and Madagascar. This premium spirit has extreme smoothness and richness with an intensity of vanilla flavor.

The vodka is triple distilled in copper pot stills for superior quality and creaminess. It has wonderful aromas of vanilla and black pepper along with the sweet palate of dried fruit that gives a creamy finish with hints of leather.

Karlsson’s Gold

Karlsson’s Gold is a Swedish potato vodka that is a blend of different varieties of virgin new potatoes sourced from Cape Bjarne in Sweden. It is produced by the master distiller Borje Karlsson in the distillery at Gripsholm, Sweden.

The master blender, who was actually known as the father of the Absolut Vodka brand, developed this vodka for three years. He experimented with potatoes as the ingredients for making a full-body vodka that has a smooth finish.

The virgin new potatoes have been grown for centuries in Sweden. It is one of the most exclusive products in the country. The master distiller harvested potatoes of 7 varieties, namely, soloist, Gammel Svensk Rod, Princess, Sankta Thora, Hamlet, Marine, and Celine.

This vodka is made with the finest virgin new potatoes, giving the drink an exceptional flavor. It has a sweet and buttery taste with a silky and rich texture. This handcrafted single distilled unfiltered vodka is best enjoyed with fresh cracked black pepper.


It is an organic Swedish Vodka brand that produces higher quality vodka at a higher ABV. It is one of the versatile and adaptable spirits made by the brand.

The brand is a brainchild of a Swedish chef, Claes Stenmark, who introduced the brand to the market in 2013. He experimented with plenty of ingredients, including rye, to produce unfiltered high-quality vodka with exceptional taste.

He was keen on using organic, natural ingredients, fruits, and herbs to impart a natural flavor to the vodka. Organic rye is used to make these spirits that are infused with fruits and botanicals to produce various flavored vodkas with real and natural ingredients. The company follows the craftsmanship of maceration to produce different flavored vodkas.

This handcrafted small-batch vodka is full of natural characters and smoothness. They do not filter the spirits to keep the characteristics of the organic rye. All the vodkas are gluten-free with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or sugar.

The brand produces unflavoured vodka called Vodka Blond, which is made with a hundred percent organic rye. It has amazing characteristics where it is distilled and unfiltered, giving the drink a smooth and subtle sweetness.

The different flavored vodkas of the brand include bitter lemon, raspberry, ginger, and chili. These unique flavored vodkas are best served with ice cubes and a base for making different cocktails.

Svensk Lake Vattern

This is one of the premium Swedish Vodka brands which produces high-quality vodka using Swedish winter wheat and crystal-clear mineral water sourced from Lake Vattern in Sweden.

This vodka is distilled from the best winter wheat in a state-of-the-art zone distillery in western Gotaland. This is the place where the Swedish winter wheat is grown, which makes one of the best appellation vodkas from Sweden.

This crystal-clear vodka has a creamy and pleasantly sweet taste with aromas and flavors of cinnamon and honey.


Znaps is one of the popular spirits brands from Sweden, which makes plenty of luxury vodkas in the world.

Znaps Vodka is an internationally awarded Swedish organic premium vodka. This is handcrafted in small batches using Swedish winter with and blended with water that is found only in Sweden. This crystal-clear vodka has the best quality with ultra-smoothness and taste.

Znaps smooth vodka is a soft and elegant vodka that has subtle flavors of wheat, cotton candy, along with mild notes of rye and Swedish soil. This vodka has aromas of minerals, graphite, figs, dates, hazelnuts, grass flowers, wheat, and rye. Its palate includes the wonderful texture and taste of cotton candy, hazelnuts, and minerals that give an elegant finish with alcohol texture in the end.

Znaps also produce flavored vodkas, including ginseng vodka. This is one of the first premium flavored vodka produced by the brand after conducting plenty of blind tests to create an exciting vodka with an enhanced flavor profile.

The vodka is made from slowly grown winter wheat and natural water, which is distilled over hundred times and filtered to remove impurities and to improve smoothness and taste. This vodka is not flavored with ginseng, but it is simply added to enhance the smooth characteristics of the vodka.

Heavy Water

The heavy water international company from Sweden produces heavy water vodka. It is made with the finest Scandinavian winter wheat and the purest water of Sweden.

This artisan vodka is crafted with model techniques to produce smooth vodka with a refreshing flavor profile. The distilled spirit is mixed with Scandinavian water from a Subterranean lake formed during the last ice age. This water gives a superior smoothness and texture to the drink.

It is one of the best premium vodkas with a transparent color, neutral sweet cream, and spice aroma. Its palate includes icing sugar cream biscuit, fresh cream, anise, and other spices. The drink gives a delicious finish with smooth hints of sweetness at the end.

Cape North

Cape North is a single grain vodka that is produced from Swedish spring water and French musty grains. This is a Swedish premium single grain vodka that is made by the Cape North company in Bourgogne, France.

Cape North company is renowned for producing Swedish spirits and delivering them to the Royal Swedish Household in the 19th century. They have also sent this Royal Swedish spirit to Queen Lovisa, wife of a Swedish king, who was very much in love with French culture.

The brand follows a single fermentation and distillation process in small copper stills, where the grains are distilled at a slow rate to preserve the flavors and characteristics of the grains. The spirit is also filtered once to keep the complex characteristics and flavor profile.

The crystal-clear vodka has notes of vanilla aromas that give a clear and smooth finish to the drink. This vodka was introduced to the United States in 2008.


Camitz Sparkling Vodka is made by Camitz and Lindberg from Sweden. It was introduced in the market in 2008. This vodka is made from wheat in a 5-column distillation process where the distilled spirit is blended with water sourced from Tollsjo springs.

This is a colorless sparkling vodka with complex aromas and a rounded texture. It has an outstanding balance of taste with natural acidity and sweetness with delicate bubbles that underline the characteristics of this premium vodka.

The crystal-clear vodka has aromas of burnt toast, fennel, and a spicy taste with notes of black pepper that gives a slightly dry finish with a tinge of acidity.


Svedka is a popular Swedish brand of vodka, which is manufactured in Lidkoping, Sweden. It is owned by New York-based spirits brand Constellation.

The company produces fine-quality Swedish vodka using wheat and spring water. It makes unflavoured and flavored vodkas in different varieties, including Citroen, cherry, clementine, raspberry, vanilla, blue raspberry, and Pina colada.

Is Swedish Vodka Good?

Sweden is famous for producing fine-quality vodkas distilled using certified Swedish Wheat. The whole stretch of Sweden has pure spring waters, which are rich in mineral content that gives superior quality and smoothness to the vodka made in Sweden.

The Popularity of Vodka in Sweden

Sweden is historically part of the vodka belt where plenty of people consume distilled drinks and are famous for binge drinking.

Vodka is one of the popular and national drinks of Sweden. It was primarily made from grapes and grains in Sweden, and slowly they used potatoes to create the exceptional quality of clear vodka. The process of distilling alcohol from grains started in Sweden in the 14th century. It was primarily used to make medicines, but slowly it became a luxury beverage in the 17th century.

Many companies started producing vodka in the 1950s, and gradually, Sweden joined the European Union in producing alcoholic beverages in large quantities. Thus, vodka became extremely popular in Sweden.

How to Best Drink Swedish Vodka

Swedish Vodka is triple distilled from the best winter wheat blended with glacier water. This high-quality vodka tastes excellent when you drink in the following ways,


Enjoy a glass of unflavoured Swedish Vodka at room temperature without adding water or mixers.

On the Rocks

Pour a glass of Swedish vodka and add a few ice cubes to enjoy the flavors and smoothness.


You can enjoy shots of Swedish Vodka by pouring it into a shot glass. You can freeze the bottle of vodka or add ice cubes to maximize the flavor.

Swedish Cocktails

You can make a variety of cocktails using Swedish Vodka such as

  • Swedish Death Nettle

Mix Swedish vodka with soda water, lime juice, nettle, and tea to create a scintillating cocktail.

  • Swedish Martini

Blend Swedish vodka with ice cubes, cranberry juice, and triple sec to create a flavourful martini cocktail.

  • Swedish Polar Bear

Mix Swedish vodka with Blue Curacao, Sprite, and lemon juice to create a cold cocktail.

  • Mix with Ginger Beer

Mix Swedish vodka with Ginger beer, lime juice, and crushed ice.

  • Swedish Mule

You can make a wonderful mule by mixing Swedish vodka with Ginger beer, candied ginger, and grapefruit bitters.

  • Swedish Punch

Make a delightful punch cocktail by mixing Swedish vodka with strawberry lime soda, simple syrup, cucumber slices, and ice cubes.

  • Swedish Crush

Blend Swedish vodka with lemonade, lemon juice, and blue Curacao syrup to create a refreshing cocktail.

  • Swedish Tea

Blend green tea with Swedish vodka and dill leaves for a refreshing cocktail.

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