Frapin Cognac Prices and Buyer’s Guide

There are good bottles of Frapin Cognac, and then there are stellar bottles of Frapin Cognac alcohol.

This guide will help give you an overview of what Frapin Cognac has to offer.

Which bottles cost what? Which bottles are best? Most loved? Most Rare? Most Expensive?

And more.

Later, you’ll find we’ve summarized a short history of the prestigious brand for you so that in 5 minutes, you can pretend to be an expert. 😉

Note: the prices are in US Dollars, and for the US market, if you are outside of the US, the prices may vary, we will, however, include links to the best place to buy your ideal bottle of Frapin Cognac in your country.

How much is a bottle of Frapin Cognac?

Let’s start by answering the most basic question simply:

The most commonly bought bottle of Frapin Cognac is the Frapin1270 Cognac 750 ml and costs $50.

What is the most expensive bottle of Frapin Cognac?

The most expensive bottle of Frapin Cognac is Frapin Cuvee Rabelais which is worth $11.873. This is a rare premium cognac, which is a tribute to the writer Francois Rabelais, a part of Frapin’s ancestry.

Now that you have the simplest answers to the simplest questions, below you’ll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Frapin Cognac, their sizes, prices, and a buyer’s guide.


Frapin Cognac Standard Bottles and Prices

Here is the list of Frapin Cognac bottles and prices.

Number                               NamePrice(750ml)
1Frapin 1270 Cognac$50
2Frapin VSOP Cognac$51-$68
3Frapin XO VIP Cognac$180-$190
4Frapin Fontpinot XO Cognac$115-$129
5Frapin Cigar Blend$117-$127

Amongst these standard Frapin Cognac bottles, the following is the most popular one,

Frapin 1270 Cognac

Frapin 1270 cognac is a premier cru de cognac only produced from the single-family estate of 1270 honors. Frapin makes the best cognac from grapes cultivated in the Frapin Estates. It is matured in Limousin oak barrels for richness and distinct characteristics.

The golden straw color cognac has an intense vanilla aroma with a balanced palate of caramel notes. It costs $50 for 750ml.

Frapin Cognac Limited Edition Bottles and Prices

Frapin has launched plenty of limited-edition cognac bottles. The following is the list of Frapin limited edition cognac bottles and prices (750ml),

Frapin Cuvee Rabelais Cognac

This is a limited-edition cognac released by the brand to celebrate the life and achievements of writer Francois Rabelais, a part of Frapin’s ancestry. This is a rare premium cognac, which is a blend of Eaux-de-vie from the famous ‘paradise cellars’ of the estate. They filled these cellars with oak barrels containing some of the finest and remarkable Eaux-de-vie, which has been maturing for over 100 years.

They packed the cognac in a prestigious decanter designed by a French crystal manufacturer, Cristallerie Saint-Louis. The amber drop suspended in the light-designed decanter is engraved with a vine branch carved in 18-carat gold. This is placed on a 24-carat gold base. The bottle comes in a lacquered wooden box.

This amber-colored cognac with orange hues has a rich flavor profile with notes of orange, candied apricot, and woody aroma. The palate includes dried fruit and licorice, with a distinct scent of tobacco and cigar boxes. This gives a long and sweeter finish to the drink. It’s worth $11,873.

Frapin Cognac Prices and Notes

Frapin has different flavors of cognac, which are available in various sizes and prices including,

Frapin VSOP Cognac

Frapin VSOP cognac is a traditionally made blend of Eaux-de-vie from the heart of Cognac’s premier cru. They distilled it over less and aged it in Limousin oak barrels, giving the drink a refined and rounded characteristic.

The orange color cognac has orange and floral aromas with subtle notes of vanilla. It has a sweeter taste, with intense aromas and fruity orange notes. The drink gives a spicy finish with cinnamon and pepper undertones.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $51-$68

Frapin XO VIP Cognac

Frapin XO VIP cognac is a blend of Eaux-de-vie harvested in the vineyards of the Grande Champagne region. In addition, they blended the cognac with ancient spirits aged in the humid cellars of the estate. This gives a supple texture to the drink.

The bronze-colored cognac has pleasing floral aromas with woody notes. Its palate includes gingerbread, dried fruit, candied fruit, and chocolate notes. The drink gives a sophisticated finish with the freshness of the fruit.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $180-$190

Frapin Extra Cognac

Frapin Extra is a blend of the ancient family reserve of Eaux-de-vie, which Pierre Frapin and his descendants keep.

The mahogany color cognac has complex aromas because of its long aging process. It has subtle notes of fruit aromas like apricot and wooden cigar boxes. The palate includes complex harmony of oxidative nodes found in the Grande Champagne cognacs. This drink gives a subtle, luxurious long finish.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $612-$628

Frapin Fontpinot XO Cognac

An ancient reserve XO is a blend of spirits distilled from grapes only harvested from the vineyards of Chateau Font pinot. Hand-crafted distillation over lees and long aging of the cognac in dry cellars gives it very distinct characteristics.

The golden-orange color cognac has complex and refined aromas of candied fruit, dried apricot, dried fig, hazelnut, marzipan, and nougat with the delicate and balanced taste of sweetness from the candied and dried fruits. The drink gives an exceptionally long finish with breath-taking aromas.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $119-$129

Frapin Cigar Blend

Frapin Cigar Blend is an extremely treasured cognac that is a tribute to the subtle notes of Rancio. This is a blend of Eaux-de-vie produced from the vines of the Grande Champagne estate. It is aged in Limousin oak barrels in the humid cellars for over 20 years. The cognac is later combined with wooden box cigars scent. 

This mahogany-color cognac with copper highlights has mellow notes of vanilla, walnuts, hazelnuts, and dried fruits and a well-balanced palette of vanilla and spices. The signature aroma of the drink is the smell of wooden cigar boxes. The drink gives an aromatic finish.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $117-$127

Frapin Multimillesime No: 7 Cognac

This is a premier cognac with a blend of 3 vintages specially selected for their aromatic potentials and distinct characteristics. This is a one-of-a-kind cognac, which forms part of the Tresors du Chateau Collection.

They derive the 3 vintages from the vineyards of the single estate in the highly esteemed Grande Champagne region. The chalk content in the soil gives the premier cru a floral texture and a lengthy finish.

The collection includes a 1989 vintage cognac, which has firm notes of iris flowers and woody scents. The 1991 vintage cognac has subtle hints of orange, apricot, honey, and spices and the 1993 vintage cognac has citrus aromas and a delicate sweetness from hazelnut and honey.

The warm golden color cognac has aromas of orange, citrus fruit, and dried figs. It has lime and floral notes with a rich palette comprising candied fruits such as apricot, orange, and then firm notes of vanilla. The drink gives a remarkably long and persisting finish.

  • Size: 750ml
  • Price: $332-$335

About Frapin Cognac

Frapin cognac is a family-run business established in 1270 in France. Over 21 generations of the family make cognacs from the 240 hectares of vineyards. The Chateau Fontpinot, with its distillery and warehouse, is in the heart of the Grande Champagne. Its cognacs are now exported to over 75 countries.

The History behind Frapin Cognac

Frapin’s family members have been winegrowers and distillers for plenty of decades. They have been established in the Southwest of France since 1270 and slowly became distillers and continued their tradition for over 20 generations. The family’s estate has over 300 hectares of vineyards in the Grande Champagne region.

Henri Frapin constructed the Chateau Fontpinot in 1872, and Gustave Eiffel built the cellars of the brand in 1892. 

Jean-Pierre Cointreau, the 21st generation family member, became CEO of the company in 2007, and the brand recently celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2020.

Why is Frapin cognac So Popular?

A single-family has run Frapin for over seven decades. Their single estate is in the most renowned Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France. The traditionally distilled and matured cognac has fruity and floral notes. It tastes great on its own as well as in cocktails and desserts.

How Best to Drink Frapin Cognac?

Frapin Cognac is an ultra-class drink with strong aromatics and floral notes to enjoy as,


Frapin Cognac tastes best at room temperature.

On the Rocks

You can add a few ice cubes to a glass of Frapin Cognac to enhance the aromas in the drink.


Try a glass of Frapin Cognac before your dinner to relax.

After-Dinner Drink

Have a glass of Frapin Cognac by pairing it with your favorite desserts.


Frapin Cognac is the best base for making delicious cocktails by mixing fruit juice, liquors, and bitters.


Try incorporating Frapin Cognac when you bake pies, biscuits, macaroons. You can enhance the taste of crème brûlée, fondants and ice cream with Frapin Cognacs.

With Honduras Cigars

Enjoy the distinctive aroma and flavor profile of Frapin Cognac Cigar Blend with Honduras cigars.

Enjoy With Cheese

Enjoy Frapin Cognac with parmesan cheese, milk cheese, or blue cheese, which takes you by surprise with a long aromatic finish.

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