Belvedere Vodka Prices and Buyer’s Guide

There are good bottles of Belvedere Vodka, and then there are stellar bottles of Belvedere alcohol.

This guide will help give you an overview of what Belvedere has to offer.

Which bottles cost what? Which bottles are best? Most loved? Most Rare? Most Expensive?

And more.

Later, you’ll find we’ve summarized a short history of the prestigious brand for you so that in 5 minutes, you can pretend to be an expert. 😉

Note: the prices are in US Dollars, and for the US market, if you are outside of the US, the prices may vary. We will, however, include links to the best place to buy your ideal bottle of Belvedere in your country.

How much is a bottle of Belvedere?

Let’s start by answering the most basic question simply:

The most commonly bought bottle of Belvedere is the Belvedere Vodka 750 ml and costs $25.99-$27.99.

What is the most expensive bottle of Belvedere?

The most expensive bottle of Belvedere Vodka is Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bear. Belver Bear was a limited edition vodka bottle by the vodka brand. It had a different bear shape and backlights to illuminate. The bottle can be hung on the wall as well. It was launched in 2011 in collaboration with Jean-Roch and costs around $7240.

Now that you have the simples answer to the simples questions, below you’ll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Belvedere Vodka, their sizes, prices, and later on a buyer’s guide.


Belvedere Vodka Standard Bottles and Prices

Belvedere is considered a high-end vodka brand. Here is the list of the top 5 vodkas by Belvedere, along with their prices.

NumberNamePrice (750 ml)
1.Belvedere Vodka$25.99-$27.99
2.Belvedere Mango Passion$27.99-$29.99
3.Belvedere Citrus$27.99-$29.99
4.Belvedere Peach Nectar$27.99-$29.99
5.Belvedere Intense$38.99-$39.99

These were some standard bottles that are pretty famous. The following are the top 2 Belvedere Vodkas that are most loved along with their prices (750 ml):

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka is the most famous and basic Vodka by the brand. It is made from Polish Rye. It is Kosher certified. The texture of the Vodka is relatively smooth and rich with a slight hint of vanilla and cream. In addition, one can find the presence of spice and black pepper. Belvedere vodka comes in three sizes that are 750 ml, 1 L, and 1.75 L. The cost of a 750 ml bottle is around $25.99-$27.99.

Belvedere Peach Nectar

Belvedere Peach Nectar is peach-flavored Vodka that is smooth and contains no artificial. Instead, the vodka brand uses only natural flavors to attain the desired and best flavor. As a result, it has a smooth and fresh texture. The price of Belvedere Peach Nectar is $27.99-$29.99.

Belvedere Vodka Limited Edition Bottles and Prices

Belvedere is one of the most luxurious vodka brands. The limited-edition bottles work like icing on the cake as the bottles are top-notch and unbeatable. Here is the list of a few Belvedere Vodka limited edition bottles:

Belvedere Summer Limited Edition

As the name suggests, this bottle from the limited edition is a summer drink and perfect for summer parties. The texture of this Vodka is velvety, creamy, and gentle with a slight touch of vanilla. One can also taste the spice and black pepper.

Belvedere Intense

Nothing can be more intense than Belvedere Intense limited edition bottle. Not only the Vodka but even the bottle looks bold and classy. It is different from vanilla, and it also has butterscotch hints. It is easy to catch bitter chocolate, spice, and crème caramel if one tries to enjoy the taste and raw texture.

Bespoke Silver Saber

Wine is usually considered an elite gift, but have you ever thought of gifting someone vodka? Belvedere came up with Bespoke Silver Saber, which is perfect for gifting purposes. It is unique with a soft taste and velvety texture. Apart from black pepper and spice, there are almond notes. It is rich in vanilla and cream.

Different types of bottles of Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere never disappoints when it comes to different types of bottles. There is a long list of different flavors and types of Vodka. If you wish to try something different, then you must read and find your favorite flavor.

Belvedere Blackberry and Lemongrass With A Hint Of Sage

As aesthetic as the name sounds, this Belvedere vodka is a part of their organic infusions. It is vibrant and rich in taste with a creamy finish. There are slight citrus notes due to berries and Lemongrass. The Vodka contains organic berries, and thus it is fruity.

Belvedere Lemon and Basil With A Touch Of Elderflower

This is the second Belvedere vodka from their organic infusion collection. Lemon and Basil is all about freshness, summers, and relaxation. The combination of Vodka with organic freshness is bang on. It is bright and citrusy, which is perfect for summer parties.

Belvedere Pear and Ginger With A Drop Of Linden Honey

If you like crisp and fruity flavors, then nothing can be better than the combination of pear and Ginger. The taste of the mixture is balanced by honey. It has a slightly warm finish.

Belvedere Mango Passion Vodka

Mango is one of the most loved flavors. The best part about Belvedere is that they do not use artificial flavors, and thus you get to gulp down natural fruit. The mango passion-flavored Vodka contains real mango, and thus it is rich and fruity. In addition, the Vodka has a slightly sweet and zesty flavor which makes it a balanced flavor. The cost of Belvedere Mango Passion Vodka is $27.99-$29.99.

Belvedere Citrus

Citrus is all about lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. But what makes Belvedere Citrus flavored Vodka different from others is that this flavor contains different lemons and limes. It has Italian and Argentine lemons along with Mexican limes. They have also used citrus peels to add to the raw texture. As a result, it is a crisp and refreshing flavor. The cost of Belvedere Citrus flavored Vodka is $27.99-$29.99.

Belvedere Single Estate Rye: Lake Bartezek

This Vodka by Belvedere is made from rye of a single estate. The rye has been collected from Lake Bartezek, a glacial lake in Northern Poland’s Lake District. It has almond hints with delicate spearmint. The texture is clean and crisp.

Belvedere Single Estate Rye: Smogory Forest

The rye used to make the Vodka has been collected solely from Smogory Forest. It is rich and has a taste of salted caramel. There are slight hints of toasted bread and white pepper.

About Belvedere

Belvedere is Polish rye vodka that is produced and distributed by LVHM. It is produced in a town in Poland called Zyrardow. In 1996, it was launched in the United States as luxury liquor and emerged as a luxurious vodka brand. Also, it was marketed and called the world’s first super-premium Vodka.

The History behind Belvedere Vodka

In 1910, the distillery was constructed, but the Vodka was introduced to the world much later in the year 1993. The distillery was set up by Dawid and Mejer Pines. It was run in partnership with Millennium by the State. It was in the year 2001 that the brand was privatized. LVHM managed to buy a 70% stake in Millennium, which was later raised to 100% in 2005.

Why is Belvedere vodka so popular?

Belvedere is known for its smoothness. It is one of the smoothest Vodka, four times distilled, and the vodka-making process is 600 years old. Also, apart from the smoothness, even the packaging and variety make the brand stand out.

How to best drink Belvedere vodka?

There are various ways to enjoy drinking Vodka, from having it straight to trying out different cocktails. Here are the few ways in which you can enjoy your Vodka:


If you are a person who loves to enjoy the raw texture and intensity of a drink, then having it neat is the best option. One can guess and learn about the raw flavors in a better way when taken in this form.


Do you love trying different flavors? Then have Vodka mixed in your favorite cocktail, or you can also try some unique cocktails. If you are unsure about the flavors and want to go for the basics, nothing can be better than a martini. All you need is Belvedere vodka and dry vermouth. Just combine, stir, and strain it in a martini glass. Your classic martini is ready.

If you want to try something different, then try out Belvedere Air. Take Belvedere Vodka, fresh lemon juice, honey water, almond milk, and a sprig of mint. Shake everything in a shaker with ice and then serve. Don’t forget to garnish it with a sprig of mint to add on an aesthetic effect.


When in doubt, mix Vodka in your lemonade. It is the safest step if you are not into a drink full of flavors or not experimental. The combination of lemonade and Vodka will be your best friend.

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