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Sutton Barcelona VIP Table Minimums, Prices & Map

Table Prices

For this club, you will need to request table prices

*All Prices are base prices and subject to demand
**Prices will spike with famous Guest Artists

Table Map

*Unfortunately we are not able to display the table map layout online. For the map and location consultation, send us a WhatsApp or give us a call!

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    A VIP reservation includes:

    • All Fees Included, no surprises on the night
    • Pay at the club door, Cash or Card
    • VIP entry (Queue Jump)
    • Mixers and Water included
    • Alcohol spend included in the table minimum
    • Designated Hostess
    • Cover included for VIP guests
    • Personalised Concierge with Vipflow
    • Precise Table selection only at Top Tables+

    Sutton Barcelona Bottle Service Prices, Bottle Menu & VIP Dress Code

    Bottle Prices:

    *for specfic bottle prices, enquire via whatsapp for full list
    **prices are orientative and are subject to change at the clubs discretion
    ***All Alcohols have more premium and larger format options

    CHAMPAGNE – Price On Request
    VODKA – Price On Request
    GIN – Price On Request
    RUM – Price On Request
    WHISKY – Price On Request
    TEQUILA – Price On Request

    Dress Code:

    *Advice is general and the club reserves the right to decline admission

    – No Beachwear
    – No Open or Sports Footwear
    – No Vulgar T-Shirts
    – Recommended shirt & dress pants (long or short)

    – No Beachwear
    – No overly revealing outfits
    – Heels appreciated, not necessary

    Why Book With Vipflow?

    Choice & Advice

    We have the full selection of nightclubs and their respective VIP Packages. Plus we are well informed to advise you on which nightclub will suit you best on the night.

    Easy Bookings

    Our aim is to make the VIP booking experience as smooth as possible for you. We’ll choose a nightclub, bottle package and date together and we handle things from there.

    We are there for you, not the club

    Our local agents are available via whatsapp or call so you are able to make enquiries anytime. Our goal is to maximse your VIP night out.

    Club Description:

    The club is dimly lit and fully occupied by beautiful Spanish young men and women with quite a few foreigners thrown into the mix since people of all type and nationalities love to frequent Sutton. The club opened in 2001 and has since then been a staple in the Barcelona nightclub scene. The exclusivity the club has maintained is to be reckoned with since only a handful of people are allowed entry at a time and everyone who makes it inside has clearly been screened and picked by the bouncers at the entrance of the club. If you love a good drink, then the bartenders at Sutton will ensure that you get the best cocktail you have ever had, and if you love dancing then you will be pleased with the dance floor at the club as well as the music. It doesn’t matter if it’s a week day or weekend, the club is always filled to the brim with a huge line of people waiting outside for a chance to simply make it into the club. Make sure you visit Sutton if you get the chance since it’s a truly happening place.


    Located in the heart of the city, Sutton is a great place to go to let your hair down. The exact address is Carrer de Tuset 13 Tuset street. It will be easy for you to spot; just look out for the building in the area with a huge line of people outside of it.

    VIP Table Guide

    Sutton is a very exclusive club. In fact a lot of people believe that the only way you can actually get into the club is if you know someone on the inside. However, there is another way for you to get sure shot entry into the club; purchase a VIP table. If you purchase a VIP table at Sutton, you gain fast track entry into the premises, you have a designated hostess who caters to your every need as well as drinks which are included in the charge for your table. The standard table costs 250 euros and can accommodate 5 guests. The VIP table costs 500 euros and can also accommodate 5 guests and the Premium table can accommodate 5 guests as well and costs a whopping 1000 euros. But honestly, the money is well spent since the services you get in return are pretty damn great.

    Bottle Service Prices

    The Standard table bottle service costs 250 euros and includes one bottle of alcohol which is a standard liquor such as absolut, Brugal etc. If you want a premium alcohol, you will have to pay more. The Standard table also includes 10 mixers.

    Dress Code

    Most clubs in the city observe a strict dress code and Sutton is no exception. The club wants its patrons looking their best hence there is a strict focus on what you wear. Men are to be suited up in smart jackers and pants, while women should appear in cocktail dresses. And don’t forget to wear some gorgeous shoes to complete your look!

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