Heaven’s Door Bourbon Prices and Buyer’s Guide

There are good bottles of Heaven’s Door Bourbon, and then there are stellar bottles of Heaven’s Door alcohol.

This guide will help give you an overview of what Heaven’s Door has to offer.

Which bottles cost what? Which bottles are best? Most loved? Most Rare? Most Expensive?

And more.

Later, you’ll find we’ve summarized a short history of the prestigious brand for you so that in 5 minutes, you can pretend to be an expert. 😉

Note: the prices are in US Dollars, and for the US market, if you are outside of the US, the prices may vary. We will, however, include links to the best place to buy your ideal bottle of Heaven’s Door in your country.

How much is a bottle of Heaven’s Door?

Let’s start by answering the most basic question simply:

The most commonly bought bottle of Heaven’s Door is the Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml and costs around $39.99-$56.99.

What is the most expensive bottle of Heaven’s Door?

The most expensive bottle of Heaven’s Door is considered the Bootleg Series, which is an annual release and costs around $500.

Now that you have the simplest answer to the simplest questions, below you’ll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Heaven’s Door, their sizes, prices, and later on a buyer’s guide.


Heaven’s Door Bourbon Standard Bottles and Prices

Heaven’s Door is known for the different types of bottles and their flavors. Here is the list of Heaven’s Door Bourbon along with their prices:

1Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey$39.99-$56.99
2Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey$39.99-$56.99
3Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey$59.99-%99.99

These were the top Heaven’s Door Bourbon. Here is the most loved Heaven’s Door Bourbon:

Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the most loved bourbon whiskey by the brand. It is quite popular. It is aged for around six years. It has a quite long-lasting and smooth finish. One can find caramel, nutmeg, and cinnamon finish. It is aged in American oak barrels with some flavors such as vanilla and baking spices.

Heaven’s Door Limited Edition Bottles and Prices

Heaven’s Door Bourbon has a variety of limited edition bottles, and they are unique just as their original and regular bourbon whiskeys. Here is the list of limited edition bottles along with their prices:

Heaven’s Door Master Blender’s Edition

Master Blender’s Edition is a limited edition bottle by Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door. It is aged for a minimum of 10 years. It has a complex yet complete note of different ingredients such as rich, ripe fruit, red apples, and dates. It also has a delicate touch of honey and coconut. The name of the bottle reveals everything about the collaboration. Also, in the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the bottle was awarded a double gold medal.

Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a part of a limited edition bottle made by selecting barrels that are different in mash bell, warehousing locations, and age. They have three distillery partners to produce this limited edition. It has a range of 108-127 proof.

Heaven’s Door Highway 61 Custom Blend

Heaven’s Door has another product to offer in their limited edition series named Highway 61 Custom Blend. It is a combination of bourbon and rye whiskeys. It is made by experts and under observation.

Heaven’s Door 10-Year Tennessee Bourbon

10-Year Tennessee Bourbon is rich, complex, and smooth. It is a part of limited edition series by the brand. The bourbon whiskey is made by the process of distillation, followed by mellowing whiskey in sugar maple and then adding it in white oak barrels.

Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series

Bootleg Series is the annual release of different bourbon whiskey bottles by the brand Heaven’s Door. It is named after Bob Dylan’s famous Bootleg Series. The bottles contain Dylan’s painting on the ceramic hand bottles. The brand has managed to launch the annual editions 2019, 2020, and 2021!

Heaven’s Door Bourbon Prices and Notes

Heaven’s Door has a variety to offer which is not only rich but different. Here is the list of different types of bottles of Heaven’s Door Bourbon, along with their prices:

Heaven’s Door Double Barrel

Double Barrel by Heaven’s Door is one of the most popular bourbon whiskies. It is aged for a minimum of 6 years and is placed in New American Oak to rest. It has flavors of dark toasted vanilla that add a caramel finish. It has a long-lasting, complex, and bold finish. The taste buds get a flavorful ride as one can sense strong dried fruits, toasted grains, and oats. It is a blend of three whiskeys, out of which two are from Tennessee, and the third one is a straight rye whiskey. The three whiskeys are independently aged and then mixed together to get a different result.

Size: 750 ml

Price: $39.99-$56.99

Heaven’s Door Straight Rye

Straight Rye is smooth, long-lasting finish bourbon. One can sense the presence of orange peel, coriander, and spice. Straight Rye Whiskey is aged in charred American Oak barrels. It has citrus notes. Also, it is Kosher certified.

Size: 750 ml

Price: 59.99-$99.99

About Heaven’s Door Bourbon

Heaven’s Door Bourbon is a collection of American Whiskeys which is co-created with the famous artist Bob Dylan. The brand is known for its perfect blend of art and craft as the spirit is unique, and even the packaging is off-beat as it contains Dylan’s paintings.

The history behind Heaven’s Door Bourbon

Heaven’s Door is an American Whiskey brand that was introduced in the United States in the year 2018, and since then, the brand has seen success. The brand has managed to win 35 awards since its release and is considered amongst best-selling whiskeys. Earlier, it launched the regular bourbon whiskies but later started launching an annual limited edition under the Bootleg series.

Why is Heaven’s Door so popular?

Heaven’s Door has managed to gain popularity and remain in the limelight since its release. The first reason for the popularity is Bob Dylan. The connection between Bob Dylan and the brand managed to keep the brand in the limelight. Another reason is that the demand for whiskey during the years has boosted by about 50% in the United States. Also, the taste and annual editions of Heaven’s Door are a plus point.

How to best drink Heaven’s Door Bourbon?

Heaven’s Door Bourbon Whiskey has a smooth and long-lasting finish. Here are some of the best ways to drink Heaven’s Door bourbon to enjoy the texture, flavors, and finish.


If you are a person who wishes to enjoy the raw texture of the drink, then just gulp down the bourbon whiskey neat without any second thought. Heaven’s Door is relatively smooth, and thus it can be easily taken without mixing anything.

On the rocks

Add on some ice to your bourbon to add on some chilling effect. You can still enjoy the raw texture of the bourbon but with some additional coolness. Also, this feels perfect if you have it during summertime as drinks are not meant to be served hot.


If you are a person who loves to experiment with drinks and flavors, then just grab your Heaven’s Door bourbon and try some fantastic cocktails. Old Fashioned is one such cocktail; just add Heaven’s Door Bourbon with dashes of bitters, sugar, and ice cubes in a glass. Then, squeeze a lemon peel for some aesthetic and citrusy effect.

By adding sweet vermouth, Heaven’s Door Bourbon whiskey, bitters, and ice cubes, one can also try Manhattan. Stir it and squeeze orange peel. Top it up with a Maraschino cherry, as nothing can be better than a cherry on the top.

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